The Amazing Wi-Fi

By: Dolphin researcher 

Wi-FiÕs Incredible Intro

Do you know what Wi-Fi is?  Do you believe that Wi-Fi can connect you to your computer wirelessly but accurately?  Also, do you believe that Wi-Fi can be mixed with robots?  You have to read the rest of my report to know.  I this report will tell what it does, is, how itÕs great, how it works and the History of it.         

What Wi-Fi is, does, and how itÕs great

This paragraph is about what the amazing Wi-Fi is. According to Janet Schilling, Wi-Fi stands for ÒWireless FidelityÓ. Wireless stands for without wires. Fidelity stands for doing it accurately.  So you can connect to things wirelessly, but accurately. 

This paragraph is about what the incredible Wi-Fi does.  Wi-Fi is a great thing. It can connect to things wirelessly.  Like if you have 3 computers, 2 laptops and 1 iPod.  You might what to have Wi-Fi.  If you have Wi-Fi you can connect to the Internet wirelessly and accurately.

This paragraph will tell you about how the awesome Wi-Fi is so great.  Wi-Fi helps out a lot.  There would be a lot of wires in houses.  Wi-Fi is wireless connection.  I think that Wi-Fi is great. Do you like Wi-Fi?  I hope you like Wi-Fi because it is Great!




 How Wi-Fi Works

This paragraph is about cool radio signals.  According to Mr. Welch, a radio signal is like an invisible signal that spreads in the air.  There are special signals, called Wi-Fi signals.  They connect electronics to each other.  For example, you can connect 2 computers to the Internet. Or, you could connect an iPod to a Laptop.

Something so awesome about Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is great alone but Wi-Fi is great with other things.  Wi-Fi can be mixed with a robot called ÒWi-Fi robotÓ. This robot can connect to the Internet and do much more. (Information from Mr. Welch)

History of Wi-Fi

This paragraph is about when Wi-Fi was invented. I am going to tell you about when Wi-Fi was invented.   Well, do you know when Wi-Fi was invented?  If you donÕt, then listen carefully.  Wi-Fi was invented in 1997.  Now you know when Wi-Fi was invented.   If you didnÕt get that, Wi-Fi was invented in 1997.  O.K. (That information was from Plex86.)


Hope you found information you wanted to find.  Also I hope you liked the report it was pretty hard to gather information.  Well, I guess that all I have.  Good luck finding more information.  Good-Bye