Hybrid cars- good, or bad?

By: eBay X.


Would if I could tell you that you could make money wile watching T.V.? It sounds crazy, right? Because it’s not true, but something that is true is that you could charge a battery by just stepping on the breaks. If you want to find out about this read the rest of my article. This article will tell what a hybrid car is, what it does, how it works, the history of the hybrid car and a few surprises about hybrid.  

What hybrid means

The meaning of hybrid. (According to Mr. Welch,) The definition of hybrid is: Some thing that is powered by two sources of power. For example a kite is considered hybrid, because it is powered by two sources. One is wind power and the other running power.

What a hybrid car is and does

Why would you want to buy a hybrid car?

(According to Marry Bellis,) The basic hybrid car is a car that is powered by two sources of energy. One of the sources is gasoline, and the other is an electric motor. This is useful in two ways. One is that only half of the power source for the car is a gasoline, so you can probably guess that gas prices are cut in half. The other thing is that it gives off less pollution. Why wouldn’t you wont a hybrid car?

What a hybrid car does

The hybrid car is a car specially destined to run on less fuel. There are two engines in the car that allows it to give off less pollution. The hybrid car looks like a normal car for the most part. The other big thing is that you save money on gas.


How it works

(According to Mr. Welch) One source of power is an electric engine. So you probably guessed that you have to plug it in. you can do that or you could let it charge its self,wile you are at a stop sign or when you break.


Hybrid History

  How old is the hybrid car? (According to 2008 Hybrid Cars .com…) The Toyota Prius will be celebrating its 14th anniversary later this year. Looking back to the birth of the Prius, the engineers behind the vehicle were apprehensive about being able to achieve what appeared to be an impossible goal. But that task may be child’s play compared to the next 10 years for the Prius.

Hybrid car history

(According to Marry Bellis…) The inventor of the very first hybrid carriage was Robert Anderson.  It was invented some time between 1832 and 1839. The first hybrid car was invented by professor stratingh, of Groningen, Holland. It was built by Christopher Becker (his assistant) in 1835. Both American Thomas Davenport and Scotsmen Robert Davidson around 1842 invented practical and more successful electric road vehicles. Both inventors were the first to use non-rechargeable electric cells. Frenchmen Gaston Plante invented a better storage battery in 1865 and his fellow countrymen Camille Faure.


A few surprises about hybrid

What do you know about hybrid cars?

(According to Mr. Welch…) You could plug in your hybrid car whenever stop, or you could make it so it charges whenever you step on the breaks. This makes it so much easier get around in a hybrid car. 



Looking at the facts that a hybrid car gives off less pollution, gas is cheaper when you have a hybrid car, and that it charges its own battery, I would say that hybrid cars are good.