Having fun with youÕre Wi-fi 

By The master chief 


Attention Getter do you have a problem with all the wires in youÕre house and you just want to relax and eat some chocolate read this report about wi-fis and youÕll be in heaven. If youÕre in love with wires donÕt bother reading this report. IÕll  tell you history of the wi-fi, what it is and how it works.    

What a wi-fi is, stands for and does

This is about what a WF-FI is.  A Wi-fi is a device that can connect to the Internet without using wires and is very easy to use and makes you smile J.

If you just fawned this out you might be in heaven.

    What does Wi-fi stand for? Wi-fi stands for why fight or wireless fidelity. Wireless means no wires and fidelity means accurse.  The Wi-fi solved some big problems. Most people that have problems with wires use the Wi-fi more then other people. www.howstuffworks.com

    This paragraph is about what a wi-fi does.  Pretty much all it does is let you go to the Internet without any wires. How it works. To send you the signal it has a little radio thing inside of it.


This sentence is about why they invented wifi.  

  The reason why they invented the wifi is because you would not have to resell the wires all day long; or when you want to use the computer.

-  Mr. Welch


There you have it nice and easy so you might want to go get a wi-fi.