Do You Want to use cords?



       Are you scared of pollution? Did you know that Wi-Fi has pollution? Well, it does.  It is not the type of pollution you think.  It is a different pollution. This pollution is weird. Read my report to find out what kind of pollution Wi-Fi makes. My report will talk about what it is and does, how it works, the history of it, and a lot of other info.

What Wi-Fi is and does

What is Wi-Fi?  Wi-Fi is a machine that lets you use no wires. You can place it in your house and then you won’t have to use any wires.  According to Marshall Brain, when you get Wi-Fi you also need to be careful because it creates pollution.

What does Wi-Fi do?  Wi-Fi does many things it can make it so you don’t have to use wires. It can work on any thing that uses cords. You wouldn’t have as many cords or wires.

Who in the world uses Wi-Fi?  Any one who wants to use Wi-Fi can use it. Computer companies would likely to use it. When there are companies that have that use a lot of cords or wires then they could get Wi-Fi and then they wouldn’t need to use as many electrical plugs.


What in the world does Wi-Fi stand for? According to Wikipedia, Wi-Fi is the definition of wireless finitely. The reason that is called Wi-Fi is because people got tired of calling it wireless finitely.  So they used the first two letters of both of the words.



How it works

Does Wi-Fi work?  It works by buying it then put it in your house. You need to hook it up then it you need to take away all the wires, and test it. See if it works it does. If it doesn’t work you can return it. It also works by radio waves, router, and passwords.


This paragraph is about what Wi-Fi uses. According to Glenn Fleishman Wi-Fi uses antennas. The antennas connect to the Internet and other services so you can use it for other things like phones.  There are many other things that are used.    


History of Wi-Fi

When was Wi-Fi was invented?  Wi-Fi was invented so that people did not have to use wires to connect things. So now if you buy it you don’t have to use wires.


When was, where, and who invented Wi-Fi.  According to Wikipeda, A female invented Wi-Fi? Yes girls can do a lot of things. Was made in the Netherlands invented in 1991. It is amazing that girls can do that



What pollution does Wi-Fi create?  According to GLENN FLEISHMAN, Wi-FI creates WI-FI. “What Wi-Fi creates pollution? So I bought it so now I have pollution creating in my house. That is not right.”  “ Maim it is not the type of pollution you think.” “Then what is it?”  “It is the type of pollution that if you don’t have a password. Then people can use you’re Wi-Fi.”