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Have you ever been stuck in traffic?  You are just sitting there, sweating to death, while your dumb big brother is punching you giving you a massive dead-arm?  In those situations, donŐt you wish you could just turn your car into an airplane and fly away?  Soon you will be able to do that with the invention of Flying Cars. In this report you will learn the history of flying cars how the flying car works and what it is.


How many patents are there?  According to Kevin Bonser There are nearly 80 patents on file at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for various kinds of flying cars. (  There are tons and tons and tons of patents for flying cars.

Who is an inventor?  According to Kevin Bonser Paul Moller has spent 40 years and millions of dollars developing his Skycar. He is now very close to developing the first mass-marketed flying car. In 1965, he demonstrated his first attempt, the XM-2, which hovered off the ground but didn't go anywhere. In 1989, Moller unveiled the M200X, which has now flown 200 flights and can go as high as 50 feet (15.24 meters).  (  Paul Moller is one of the many inventors.

Have people made more than one flying car?  According to Kevin Bonser Moller's latest design, the Skycar M400, is designed to take off and land vertically, like a Harrier Jet, in small spaces. It can reach speeds of 400 mph (644 kph), but will cruise at around 350 mph (563 kph), and it has a range of 900 miles (1449 km). Gasoline, diesel, alcohol, kerosene and propane can be used to fuel the Skycar, and its fuel mileage will be comparable to that of a medium-sized car, getting 20 miles (32.2 km) to the gallon. The initial cost of a Skycar will be about $1 million, but once it begins to be mass produced that price could come down to as low as $60,000(  Paul Moller has made lots of different types of flying cars.


When did people begin thinking about making flying car?  According to Ron Claibone almost as soon as cars were invented, man and woman began dreaming of cars that could fly (  They started thinking about making a flying car right after the car was made.

How It Works

What are the types of flying cars?  According to Kevin Bonser Curtiss, Autoplane, Arrowbile, ConvAirCar, Avrocar, Aerocar.  (  There are lots of different types, they are all really cool!!!


How fast will the flying car be?  According to Kevin Bonser it will reach speed of 400 and will cruise around 350.  (  The flying car will be amazingly fast at the speed of 400 and cruising at 350.

What It Is

How many seats are in the Skycar?  According to Kevin Bonser the four-seat Skycar( There are four seats in the skycar.








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