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       Have you ever thought about going into space? That would be a little bit risky donŐt you think? Well if you bought a rover you could send it into space and you could stick a little tiny camera on it and still get the same amount of action. If you keep reading my report you will learn all about the rover, how much they cost, what it is, how it works and at last its history.

Main Idea

Did you know that rovers go into space? According to NASA, NASA sends the rovers into space and they collect rock chemicals and they take pictures of the planet and send both of those through radio waves! They can also mark the area of the planet. They mark every 1.5 meters exactly and they never come back to earth. L 2 of the rovers that went on to Mars, have been there for over 4 years! (  I think that it is cool that they can take chemicals from the rocks and other things like sand, but it is sad that they canŐt come back. L

What it is

       What the rover is. The rover is something that NASA sends on to planets to take pictures and take chemicals from rocks to see how hot or cold the planet is or some unusual facts about it. For instance, did you know that there was once water on mars? Yes, it is actually true that there was once water on mars! They found that out by the rover sending pictures through radio waves! But the rover doesnŐt just go into space, there is actually a rover bike, a rover car and there are rover cars that are armored that they used in the army! Did you know that some of the companyŐs build toy rover cars and have races with them!


The history of the roverÉ The rover was invented two years ago and the people who made it werenŐt really trying to make it but they did. If you wanted to buy a real rover that would go into space, then you would have to be really rich because for 1 rover according to NASA it would cost $420 million dollars. The people who invented the rover made a set of twin rovers and they would be sold for $820 million dollars! They are very cool because there are tons and tons of wires and metal and other things like that.

How it Works

Also, did you know that the rover does not use gasoline it actually is solar powered according to Bailey. The rover is not controlled by a remote control, it has a little chip that controls it otherwise if it did have a remote control then the person who was controlling it would need to stay up twenty-four seven. The rover has six wheels and they are very sturdy and very, very powerful.


The rovers are very cool and they actually have airbags. So if your child were riding one you would know that they were safe.  All I am trying to tell you is that rovers are really cool and if you read this have a nice day!!!!!!





















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