Hidden Cameras

By Teedom


Oh my gosh! My child is being taken away!! Help me! This “oh-my-gosh!” part will help you with any trouble you have. In this little (BIG) report I wrote (typed) you will hear about the shapes sizes and color, the history, facts and opinions of people, and how to buy it.

Shapes, Sizes, and color

Don’t you ever wonder what figures they come in? According to my group,they can come in many figures. One of the figures is a teddy bear. The reason you might need it is because people love to steal kids, kids love teddy bears, and you will catch all of the problems on tape. Police will be watching. These cameras help the little children. Teddy bears are mostly around kids. (My group)” I got that from my group. You see, inside the teddy bear, there is a camera. Teddy bears are mostly around kids, so that is an easier way to catch the people.  

       According to Kelley Allred, “There are a lot of colors to make for it. You can probably get them in every color possible. You can get Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and any other color you want. Since they have stuffed animals, those come in a lot of different colors.” Good info. I could sure use that for a note card. 


       Why do we need it? I could answer this all day. Okay. The reason we need it is because it catches people. If they are kidnapping your child, the police will catch who did it and when. That is the info you get from the film. People use it all of the time, especially if their children are in danger. That is part of one reason. 

Facts and Opinions.

       Walter Bruch, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! You saved my friends life. She could have been kidnapped. Do you know that you are and were and will be rich? Thank you so much. Walter Bruch was the one who saved many lives. His security cameras caught thieves that were kidnapping, hurting, ECT. According to Carly, Walter Bruch was the one who invented the hidden cameras. It first started when he had to watch rockets. He would have to see if it is ready to take off.” How was it invented? You asked. That is a different story. Anyway, “He decided that he didn’t want to sit around with all of that loud noise. Cameras would fix all of his problems. So all he did for a matter of time was invented the hidden cameras.” I have found a lot of good information from my group and other people giving out information.

Get in a buying mood.

       This fantastic product costs about 100-2,000 dollars. It may sound like a lot of money, but it is worth it. You wouldn’t want your child to get taken away and never get he\she back. With a price of about $720.00, you can get something to help you.

       Even though it may sound like a lot of money, it is worth it. I do love money, but I do love to keep my body in place. I never want to lose my home, parents, or anything else ever again. I want security cameras. I hope you made your choice of whether you’ll buy it or not.

I’m out to the store.

       Security cameras are great! When you are leaving somewhere, Security cameras are great to use. If you are stressed with your kids, and you want to leave home, think about getting the security camera product. 


This is now the end. I hope that you liked my report.






Walter, Kori

More electronic eyes for Reading High: Prompted by recent complaints about unruly students, school officials are adding 46 security cameras -- bringing the school's total to 140.

April 30, 2008

The whole article talks about how a high school needed to get more security.  It used cameras to solve a few problems.