This is about…………  ipods!!!!!

By: Kristi Ann Jinglehammer


       Do you like music or even movies? Well then you will love this paper. In this paper you will learn about the ipod. You will here about what it is and the history and even stuff you can do with your ipod. The ipod is a cool little music player. I know who would want to carry a lot of cds!

What it is

What is an ipod? An ipod is a little MP3 player. It can hold a lot of things like pictures, music, and videos. That is a lot.


Do you just love ipods?  I wonder who used the first Ipod in thee world. According to apple,” Tony Fiddel is the first person in the world to test the first ipod.” I think this is really cool I wish I was the first person to use the first ipod. It was really to watch the video.

When was it invented?  According to apple they said it was made on August,14. I would love to be there when they first made it up. That would of rocked my socks.

Stuff you can do

I love this color on my.....................IPOD!!! According to apple “Dress it up”,  “If Apple's iPod Socks don't catch your fancy, there's always the iPod Hoodie, complete with drawstring enclosures. Either is perfect for a cozy afternoon nap on the

couch.” I love this ipod hoodie” I love this hoodie! It is really cool! (

I love this game. According to apple,” you can buy your own games on the Internet.” I love buying games on the Internet. You can buy the games for only $1.99 cheap huh.


Review main ideas. Follow up on attention-getter.




April 4, 2008

this article was about a lot of ipods. The first ipod ever was a white shuffle.