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By Lisa 6th


Do you have DVDs?  Did you know you can see the futureÕs possibilities on DVDs?  IÕm not fibbing.  Want to know how?  Do you?  Oh you probably donÕt.  Well, alright.  You can just go to the store or look on the Internet for any movie you like.!!  If you keep reading, I will tell you what the DVD is, ItÕs history, and how it works!! So, keep reading!! You will not regret it!! 

What is the DVD?

         Ever wondered how a DVD and a DVR are different? Some people think DVDs and DVRs are exactly the same.  Those people are incorrect.  Did you think they were the same?  Well, think again, they are completely different.  According to wikipedia Òyou can record on a DVD rw disk and them transfer from the stand alone too computer too take out commercials.Ó  (Wikianswers.com) You can take out commercials on a DVD!! But not a DVR!! This is the difference.


       Does DVD stand for Digital Video Duh or something else?  I myself have wondered, what do DVDs stand for.  After doing some research I found out what it stands for.  According to wikianswers the initials for DVD stand for Digital Versatile Disc. (wikianswers.com) Now that you know that you can be happy now.  If you already knew that, then you are smart.  Not dumb or intelligent just smart.

Some DVD History

The inventor of the DVD is confusing.  Most people use DVDs, but donÕt know who really invented them.  Therefore I have done some research, and it turns out there are more than one answer.  According to wikianswersÉ

When was the DVD invented? Answer: Sony Answer:  Philips.

(Wikianswers.com) Some say it was invented by Toshiba.  DonÕt ask me who that is. I just went for what was the most common answer.


       Which company gets credit for this invention?  Have you ever wondered which company invented the DVD?  Well, wonder no longer.  I researched this question up because I was curious.  According to Howstuffworks Sony and Philips companies worked together, to make the DVD. (Howstuffworks.com) I thought only one company would get the spotlight.  Goodness I was so wrong, now wasnÕt I?

How does the DVD work?

 How do you function a DVD?   Have you ever wondered how it would be like to not know how to function a DVD?  Do you know how to function a DVD?  You probably do, but IÕll tell you anyway.  According to Howstuffworks, ÒA DVD works exactly the same way as a CD, but it can hold a lot more information (about seven times as much as a CD). DVDs can hold more data than CDs because the bumps are smaller and the tracks are closer together, giving DVDs more storage space.Ó (Howstuffworks.com) Like they said, DVDs are almost the exact same thing as a CD only it has pictures, music, sound, and moving pictures.

Which one can hold more, a DVD or a CD?  How many of you know if a DVD can hold more than a CD?  DonÕt think about it any more!!  I know the answer!!  According to answers, DVDs and CDs look alike, but hold from 4 to 28 times as much data.  There is a DVD counterpart for every CD type. (answers.com) IsnÕt that cool?  Anyway thereÕs your answer to this question.


Thank you, for reading my report on DVDs.  I hope you enjoyed it. Here are my headlines againÉ What is a DVD, Some DVD History, and How does the DVD work.  If you didnÕt like it here is a picture. (On the left)

Thanks again for reading my report.  By the way did you know that when the DVD first came out it was a Big Hit?  The DVD replaced the video, so videos are not very popular anymore.  Pretty much no one is buying or renting videos now.








 Invention of DVDs

April 29, 2008







May 1, 2008

The DVD was developed by Sony and Philips.






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May 22, 2008