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Hi, this is my report about satellites.  I bet you didnŐt that there was a live thing was sent into space in 1957.  My report is going to be about 2 main ideas.  These main ideas are the functions of the satellites (such as the tests and pictures of it), and the history of satellites.

The Functions of the Satellite

       This paragraph is about what was sent inside early satellites.  According to wikipedia the first live thing sent in a satellite was a dog, named Laika.  Also they sent a small lab inside it to run tests. 

       This paragraph is about the mini-sized lab inside the satellite.  According to wikipedia the mini sized lab was used to run tests on what the satellite found while it was in orbit to a planet.  What satellites are meant to do most of the time is look for stuff in space, and run tests on it. 

       This paragraph is about the solar panels that supply energy for the satellite and possibly the world.  According to they are trying to make satellite that can supply energy for itself and than send the leftover energy to the earth using microwaves.  This would be like having big energy sources in the sky that would provide so much energy.  This would allow us to have a lot of great energy, and itŐs earth friendly too. 

       This paragraph is aboutÉ

Early Satellites

This paragraph is about the Sputnik I.  According to Wikipedia, what made the Sputnik famous was that it was the first spacecraft sent into space.  This kind of scared America because they thought if the Soviet Union can launch a rocket than they could launch nuclear weapons to destroy America.  This was a problem so we had to act fast.

This paragraph is about the Explorer I, and why they sent it into space.  According to Wikipedia, America thought they were the first to think of space travel, but they were wrong.  While they were building the Explorer I the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik I and it kind of scared us.  And it got worse they sent the Sputnik 2 just a few months after they had sent the Sputnik I.

This paragraph is about the Sputnik II.  According to Wikipedia the Sputnik II held kind of a mini lab and a dog.  The dogŐs name was Laika.  The dog I possibly think was sent in the Sputnik II because they didnŐt know if it was safe enough to send a real astronaut or a scientist. 


I hope you enjoyed my report about satellites.  I hope you try to do more research on the functions of satellites, the history of satellites, and please find out more about early satellites. Thank you for reading my report!!!!!!!




















May 1, 2008

This website is great if you need lots of little details concerning space.  It has the history of artificial satellites, it has space information on surveillance satellites, etc. 



Roger D. Launius NASA Chief Historian and NASA

The History of Satellites

May 2, 2008

This website is nice if you would like to be able to get information that is kind of compacted into a small paper which would be great for quick research.  This website tells you about what the first satellites were, and what they sent inside the satellites. 



David, Leonard

Bright Future for Solar Power Satellites

May 14, 2008

This website explains how they are planning to put solar panels on satellites and generate energy and send the energy in microwaves.