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á      Have you ever wanted to see everything at all times? Well if you were a Satellite you could

What Satellites Are

       How much do Satellites cost?  According to all you have to do is get 3 billion dollars. So if you want to buy your own satellite and put it into orbit. So if you want your own Satellite you better save up a lot of money.

       There are many kinds of satellites in Orbit. According to there are Weather, military, communication, Navigation, and investigation. How many satellites are in orbit? So there are a lot of Satellites out there. Speaking of a lot of Satellites,

Says there are way over 500 satellites in the world. So when I said that theyÕre a lot of Satellites I mean there are a lot of satellites.



History On Satellites

       Who came up with the idea of a Satellite? According to Arthur C Clarke had the Idea for a Satellite. So if It wasnÕt for him we would not have satellites








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Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (


Telenor Satellite Broadcasting


Satellite FAQ's


April 30, 2008


it has a lot of info on satellites I had fun reading it

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