The iPhone

By: A-dog 11


WHAZZZZZZZ UP?   What do you call a bird after it is 4 days old?    5 days old. Okay, my bird joke has nothing to do with iPhones—or does it?  If you want to tell a VERY funny bird joke, you are going to need some pictures.  But, if you’re on a bus going to Florida, how are you going to get pictures of birds?  Keep reading, and you’ll find out.  I am going to talk about the iPhone.  I am going to talk about the history of the iPhone, what the iPhone is, and how the iPhone works.  Lets start now.

What the iPhone is

       What the iPhone is.  What the iPhone is.  The iPhone is a phone that has a lot of cool features.  The iPhone is pretty much an iPod and a phone mixed together.  This is the iPhone.

History of the iPhone

The inventor of the iPhone.   Do you know who invented the iPhone?  I do.  According to Steve Jobs of a company called apple invented the iPhone.

         How many iPhones have been sold.  Do you know how many iPhones have been sold?  I bet a lot of iPhones have been sold.  According to 1.4 million iPhones have been sold.  That is a ton of iPhones.

       When was the iPhone invented?  The iPhone was invented not to long ago.  According to the iPhone was released on June 11, 2007 made by a company called apple.  For a 4gb iPhone it costs 499$.  For a 8gb iPhone it costs 599$.


       Where can the iPhone be sold?  Where can the iPhone be sold?  The iPhone can be sold in a lot of places.  It can be sold in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, and Austria.  This is where the iPhone can be sold.

How the iPhone works

       What the iPhone can do.  The iPhone can do a lot of things.  According to the iPhone can do e-mail, text messaging, Internet, with the Internet you can get pictures of the bird for your joke, camera, calendar, and music.  This is what the iPhone can do.

       Special features about the iPhone.   According to the iPhone is that the iPhone has visual voicemail.  Another thing is that you can make your own ringtone.  The ringtones can last from 3 to 30 seconds.  If your listening to music and then your phone rings then the music will fade out and you can answer the iPhone, when your done with the call the music will fade back in where it left off before.


Did you learn anything new about the iPhone?  I hope you did.  I hope you learned about the history of the iPhone and how it works.







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