By Kittydestroyer5000



Hi did you know that the F-15 could go up to 200mph? I am going to tell you about the F-15Ős. I am going to talk about how big the F-15 is and other stuff. I hope you like my report.

Main Idea

       How many F-15Ős are there. There are 14 different F-15Ős.

Such as the strike eagle it is the most common. I believe that was the first F-15. There are a lot of F-15Ős in the military.


         When was it made?

       It was made in the 80Ős according to Tom Harris. Boeing was given the assignment to build it. The military gave him the assignment. He completed the F-15 in a year and a half.


         Has it ever been grounded?

       Yes it has. It was grounded for about 1 year. It was grounded for shooting down an alley. It all happened in Florida. The attack was an accident.


         Has it won any battles?

       Yes it has. It has had over 100 wins. It has never lost a battle. You could say it is practically invincible. It has battled in almost ever country. One time it was knocked down in Iran but was accident.



How it works

         Is it computerized?

       Yes it is. It is almost completely computerized. It is computerized so the pilot only has to steer. It is very helpful to the pilot. And has some of the best technology.


         How fast can it go?

       It can go up and over 200 mph. That is fast! In three minuets it can go up to 3,000 feet. It was made to go fast to get out of enemy territory. It is also for a quick bomb drop. Also helps in air-to-air fights.



What it is

         What color is it?

       It is grey. In the sunlight it can be practically invisible. It was made to confuse the enemy. I think that is pretty cool. It is an awesome plane!


         Is it a weather plane?

       Yes it is. It can fly in any weather. You donŐt expect it to be sunny in wars. It was a good idea to do that. Also its speed helps it in the weather.




So now you know how big it is, how many there are, how many people can it hold, how fast it is, who has invented it. Now you know when an unknown fighter is attacking your town who to call.





Harris, tom


April 29, 2008

this Is great. This paragraph tells about the engines of the F-15 fighter jet.






April 30, 2008

this is a great website. It tells all the info you need to know. The F-15 was grounded because of an accident.






May 2, 2008

this is a good website. I learned that there are at least 14 different fighters.