Super cool Nuclear weapons

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Bomb, bomb, and bomb youÕre going to be blown away if you read my report. My report will teach you all the basics of nuclear weapons from what are nuclear bombs to what can lunch a nuclear weapon. My report has so many interesting facts that you wonÕt want to stop reading it so enjoy it.  

What is a nuclear weapon?

What is a nuclear weapon a. nuclear weapon has many definitions but according to the real definition is a weapon that is power by nuclear fusion. ( ThatÕs a short definition compeer to another one I found.

       Who uses nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons are use by two different types of countries. The first type of country is a bad country that wants to will war on everyone and everything. The other type of country is a country that wants to protect itÕs self against other country that wants to destroy it. So good and bad people use nuclear weapons.

How strong is a nuclear weapon.  to give you an idea of how strong a nuclear weapon is IÕll give you a little toke about how strong, big and powerful the biggest nuclear weapon is. According to nuclear weapons archive the biggest nuclear bomb there is, is a mk-24 it weighs 42,000 tons.

It is so power full it can destroy all of Colorado with no problem. It is 61.4 feet by 296 inches long and has a diameter of 64 feet this bombs are so power full that the it was in service for only two years and the U.S only made 105 mk-24.(nuclear weapon archive) This is a very power full bomb and I would like to have it.




History of the nuclear weapons

Who invented nuclear weapons   according to wikipedia the first nuclear weapon was a nuclear bomb. it was develop in the U.S.A by an international team of scientist  Ōmost of them where form EuropeĶ. The first atomic bombs that were made where call little boy and fat man little boy is a gun assembly weapon Ōmeans that it can be shoot from a big gun.Ķ Little boy was the first nuclear bomb use as a weapon it was lunch on Hiroshima by a   B-29 super fortress. A Fat man is an implosion weapon Ōmeans that itÕs a bomb that drop from a planeĶ itÕs bigger than little boy and more distractive than little boy it was lunch three days after little boy.


Where and when where little boy lunch

In the history of war world 2 there has only been two nuclear bombs dropt thy where both dropt in Japan by the U.S.A during warwold2 the cityÕs were Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


How a airplane flyÕs   IÕm going to teach you about how a airplane flyÕs because airplanes drop nuclear weapons enjoy.

According to you airplanes fly because of the shape of its wing. The op of the wing is bumpier than the bottom. The top of the wing goes slow. That makes air push up. The faster the plane goes the more air will push up the plane.(you I think thatÕs cool donÕt you?






Think quest

Nuclear weapons

April 30, 2008

This web site is super cool it shows you how a nuclear bomb is power and how it works and why its so destructed it also shows you all the bad stove that  has happen with nuclear bombs you should check it out