The Google Phone

By: Rolyat


       My report is going to be on the google phone. The google phone is a mobile phone with many things that Google is making.  In this report you will learn a little bit about a Willy Wonka factory, the real mane of the project google phone, and more.  I hope you enjoy my report.

How it Works

        The google phone is very neat.  You can touch the screen and it will obey the touch.  If you buy the google phone, you donÕt have to go out, buy a GPS, go to your computer to do email, get Wi-Fi, and much more because the google phone already has all of that. 

        This paragraph is about google making a new music box.  Google is also making a new music box called the gBox.  It is like iTunes except google wants to get big and make their own MP3 player music store.  Once they get that it might act like an iHome too. said ŌgBox sells songs in DRM-free MP3 format for 99 cents per track, or in a Windows Media DRM format for the same price.Ķ

What It Is

       The google phone is a phone that has many neat features like Wi-Fi, Internet, GPS, an iPhone type screen, and many more.  There will be probably so many things that you wouldnÕt know what to do with all of the features.   

This paragraph is about what the real name for the google phone.  According to, the google phone isnÕt the real name.  Android is the name.  But in this report I am going to call Android, the google phone.  Another name they call the google phone is the Gphone.

The Future Of The Google Phone

       Google is planning on making a big hit at the world when their new mobile phone comes out early next year.  Well, that is what everybody thinks.  But maybe it isnÕt going to come out next year because Google isnÕt telling anyone anything.  They are keeping everything a secret so no one does anything to stop them or find out how to steel the idea.

       This paragraph is about what the google phone will look like.  The google phone, along with the iPhone type screen, has many different looks for now.  They havenÕt made one final decision.  Some pictures are ones that have a glass see through screen that can slide in.  Some other pictures look like the iPhone, other fancy phones, and other things.


The Company

       This paragraph will be about the Willy Wonka factory factory and the google phone lab.There is a Willy Wonka factory in Cambridge, United Kingdom.  That is where the google phone lab is.  Since the google phone hasnÕt come out yet, they are sending out golden tickets for people to come and get an early look at the google phone.

       This paragraph is about Google buying Android.  In 2005 Google bought Android.  They are a company that does things with mobile computers and other computer things.  When Google bought Android, Google decided that they would make a mobile phone.  They are planning on making a mobile phone that is supposed to be way better than what Apple could ever imagine.

       This paragraph is about Google siding with sprint.  The Sprint customers are going to be happier because of Google.  Since Google is on SprintÕs side, Google is going to help Sprint have better service and Sprint will help Google.  They will both help each other on the google phone project.   


       I hope you liked my report on the google phone and other related things.  If you want to find out more about the google phone, go to the websites listed below. Bye.
















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