Pepper Spray

By Blondie


Do you think that you need Defense? Then get Pepper Spray. It will help you a lot when and if you need it. If somebody is chasing you, you will have Pepper Spray, and nobody will know because most of them can be disguised. If you keep reading I will tell you a lot more.

What Pepper Spray is

What is in Pepper spray? According to Wikipedia  "triple-action" pepper sprays also contain "tear gas" (CS gas), which can be neutralized with sodium metabisulfite (Campdens tablets, used in home brewing), though it, too, is not water soluble and could be washed off using the same procedure as for pepper spray, Some sprays also contain a UV "blanketing" dye (little can be done against this, but its effects are not nearly as dramatic).

What does OC Stand for? According to Wikipedia, Pepper spray (also known as OC spray from "Oleoresin Capsicum") is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness).

Is Pepper spray Flammable? According to Wikipedia, All OC products that the Pepper Spray Store sells are non-toxic and non-flammable. That is good because then nobody can get set on fire when getting sprayed.


The problems with Pepper Spray

What happens if you get sprayed? According to Wikipedia, Pepper spray is an inflammatory. It causes immediate closing of the eyes, difficulty breathing, runny nose, and coughing. You would be in a lot of pain.



Is there anything to wash Pepper spray of with? According to Wikipedia, The spray can be washed off the face using soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, or other detergents. Any cooling like ice, cold water, cold surface, or a fan will provide some relief.

Is there Eye Drops to help? According to Wikipedia, The North American street medics use a non-toxic eye drop solution of 1:1 water and aluminum hydroxide (Maalox) which helps neutralize pepper spray and relieve symptoms.


       Is there any Effect? According to Wikipedia, The US Army concluded in a 1993 Aberdeen Proving Ground study that pepper spray could cause "Mutagenic effects, carcinogenic effects, sensitization, cardiovascular and pulmonary toxicity, neurotoxicity, as well as possible human fatalities. If you get sprayed you can get these effects.

       How long does the Effect last? According to Wikipedia, The effects of pepper spray are far more severe, including temporary blindness which last from 15-30 minutes, a burning sensation of the skin which last from 45 to 60 minutes, upper body spasms which force a person to bend forward and uncontrollable coughing making it difficult to breathe or speak for between 3 to 15 minutes.

Has there been any deaths using Pepper Spray? According to Wikipedia, The Los Angeles Times has reported at least 61 deaths associated with police use of pepper spray since 1990 in the USA. So that is another problem with pepper spray.

How Pepper Spray works

This paragraph is about what disguises Pepper Spray has.  According to There are a lot of different disguises. There are Pens, Lip sick containers, Guns, Rings, Canes, and just the original container of Pepper Spray. Those disguises are really helpful to people.





How many people in the U.S. have bought Pepper Spray? According to, Over the last six years, The Pepper Spray Store has helped over 25,000 customers purchase personal safety solutions that help them feel safer. OC pepper defense spray is simple, easy to use, convenient to carry and is one of the most affordable self defense products available today. There are also Tasers, but they are more expensive.



I hope that you liked reading about Pepper Spray, and that you learned a lot. Just remember that Pepper Spray is a good item to use for self-defense.

























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