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       Lasers are totally awesome and also very dangerous

Lasers are hot light. Some lasers are worth more than $1,000,000. Did you know that some lasers can be pointed on a wall about 100 feet away wow?


How it works

       This paragraph is about what lasers are made of.  According to Colorado University, “lasers are made from hot light” ( that is really cool. I think that it can be really cool, but it can also be very unsafe.


What it is or does

       This paragraph is about what lasers do.  According to Matt Wechsler, lasers are used in many ways.  You can find them in CD players or dental drills.  You can use them to cut metal.  They can measure distance.  You can use it to remove tattoos.  Lasers are used in eye surgery or LASIK, and hair removal (  I think that is cool, because it can cut through wood that is 2 to 3 inches thick.  Also, I think it’s cool because with lasers, you may never have to shave again.  Finally, I think lasers can help your teeth.


       This paragraph is about other laser surgeries.  According to (????), lasers are used in animal surgery and in human surgery. There used in open for surgery it can be safe and unsafe. Lasers are used in many ways.






Colorado University


May 1, 2008

This talks about how lasers work.  It even has an animated picture showing it.



Wechsler, Matthew

How Lasers Work

May 20, 2008

Trust me. This is a cool report.