Xbox 360

By Larry


Did you know that the Xbox 360 is one of the world’s favorite video game console ever invented?  The Xbox 360 has more than half of the video game console entertainment.  People like it a lot because you can get many games like Halo 3 and little games from the cereal boxes.

How It Works

This paragraph is about what is inside of an Xbox 360. According to Wikipedia the Xbox 360 is a specially packaged computer, but once you look inside, you realize that this console has quite a bit under the hood:

Custom IBM Power PC-based CPU with three 3.2 GHz cores
Custom ATI graphics processor with 10 MB embedded DRAM
512 MB 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM
Detachable and upgradeable hard drive—all models except the Core system
12x dual-layer DVD-ROM
Support for up to four wireless game controllers
Three USB 2.0 ports
Two memory unit slots (

It lists what is inside of an Xbox 360.  And there is lots of things in the Xbox 360.

This Paragraph is about how much an Xbox 360 costs.   According to it said that the Xbox 360 cost $279.00.Now they cost the same amount of money, which is $279.00. ( Now they cost the same amount of money, which is $279.00. 

What the Video game Console war is.  According to my brother he said it is the competition between the three different companies’, which are, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, which they try to get more people to buy from them.

What It Is

This Paragraph is about what the Premium Package is known as. This paragraph is about what the premium package is known as.  According to Robert Valdes he said the Premium package is known as the plain old Xbox 360.  The Premium Package is just a fancy name for the Xbox 360. (

This paragraph is about what the new Xbox 360 is called. According to Robert Valdes he said that the new Xbox 360 is called the Arcade.  The Arcade is just one of the newest Xbox 360 out. (  I think it is really cool that they made an Arcade Xbox.

This paragraph is about how much the Xbox 360 weighs. The Xbox 360 weighs about 8.8 lbs. According to Robert Valdes, it says that the Xbox 360 weighs about that much. ( It weighs that much (8.8 lbs.) and it shows in a picture the dimensions and how long it is in different places and how much it weighs different places.   


This paragraph is about when the Xbox 360 was released. According to Robert Valdes he said in November 2005 the Xbox 360 came out to the public, beating the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 by a full year. ( The Xbox 360 came out in November 2005.  And it came out before whole bunch video game systems came out.








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