Artificial Heart

By ftu


The Artificial Heart is an amazing device that saves lives when they are in serious need of help!!! You should learn about it and if you are interested there are lots of facts in this.


What it is

This is a paragraph about who made the artificial heart.

         The man that made the artificial heart is actually a dentist. His name is Dr. Robert Jarvik. He named one of his hearts Jarvik 2000.


       The artificial heart is 350,000 dollars!!!!!!!! It weighs 2 pounds and when you get one you better be lucky because if it doesnŐt work you will die. People still die some times when they get an artificial heart.


       The artificial heart is quit interesting and I hope you learned a lot about it and know a lot about it and that was all that I have in my report and if you want to learn more than you can all ways read books too.



Artificial Heart

May 1, 2008

It just tells you a lot about the Artificial heart and if you want to learn about it, this is a wonderful website to go to.