IÕm in space on my space shuttle

By: Chowmein


The space shuttle isnÕt just a normal space shuttle it is awesome little space ship. (Sort of) also there are many cool things on space shuttles.  If you want to find out some cool interesting facts and dangers on a space shuttle just read my report!

The Dangers if you go on a space shuttle

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       The disturbing misshapes that happen in space shuttles.  According to Nick Greene, there are so many misshapes that can happen the space shuttle could disintegrate or even blown up! Like when the Apollo 1 caught on fire when it was testing on launch pads when a fire broke out and killed all 3 crew members. I now feel depressed but that doesnÕt mean you should stop reading.

       This paragraph is about how a Columbia space shuttle got blown up.  According to space.com, the Columbia space shuttle got blown up 17 years after the challenger got blown up.  It got disintegrated when it was reentering the earthÕs atmosphere. IsnÕt that so interesting about 2 space shuttles got blown up each with 7 crew members who died on board?



New things for the space shuttle

       The designers have a fine idea on space shuttles!  According to Craig Freudenrich

, the designers are thinking about putting ceramic tiles on the space shuttle for when it comes back down the heat shield wonÕt harm the astronauts. DonÕt you feel safer to know that if you where on a space shuttle than you would feel e safer?


       This paragraph is about when they first invented space shuttles.   According to Answers Corporation, NASA originally invented it in the late 1970Õs. It was invented originally in America. I really didnÕt know when they invented the Space shuttle, at least you know now.

       This paragraph is about when the president of Nixon announced a new space shuttle.  According to Craig Freudenrich, in 1972 is when President of Nixon announced when NASA a Space Transportation System. I didnÕt even know there was even a reusable space shuttle! Know they donÕt have to keep on making newer ones and newer ones.

       This paragraph is about some people who helped invent the Space shuttle. According to NASA, Some of the peopleÕs names are George Edwards, Dr. Alfred J. Eggers, and Clarence Syvertson. They all did different kind of jobs some were designing the space shuttle some did high speed testing.

How it works

       This paragraph is about why space shuttles need two oxygen tanks.  According to Answers Corporation, they need because there is no oxygen in space. That is why they need to bring two different oxygen tanks. Know you that you have two oxygen tanks for a space shuttle because I only thought there was one.

       This paragraph is about if the space shuttle will come down in the same shape. According to Craig Freudenrich, the space shuttles heat shield would burn away after re-entering the earthÕs atmosphere. I didnÕt even think of this question until I started digging into my brain to look for another question, isnÕt it quite interesting?

       This paragraph is about what space shuttles do in space.  According to Wiki Answers Corporation, when Space shuttles launch into space they launch a Satellite into space with them. (At least most of them do). I didnÕt even know they carried a satellite with them. I only thought that they only carried space men.


Did you know all that stuff about spaces shuttles? Well I sure didnÕt but at least you are smarter than others on space shuttles. Now you know that there were 2 space shuttles blown up, they are making new kinds of space shuttles, and they are improving their space shuttles.












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