The Car

By: the brunette


Do you think it would be fun to drive? Do you think about or daydream about your first hot ride? Well you came to the right place. In my report I’m going to talk about what is the most popular car, the most unpopular car ext. Hopefully your parents get a good car for you!! And I absolutely positively hope you don’t crash it the day you get it!! So sit back relax and at least try to enjoy and learn a lot from it. You ready? Well here we go!

What is the car

         This paragraph is about what is the most unpopular car. According to the most unpopular car would maybe be the glam girl car. It is like a slug bug but its pink and you can put stickers on it and weird stuff like that.

         This paragraph is about what is the newest car. “According to Ford Motor co,” “After ten years of planning and $250 million for tooling, Ford Motor Co. put its long-awaited Edsel on display this week. The first new "Big Three" car since Ford brought out the Mercury in 1938.”

         This paragraph is about what the slowest car is. According to the slowest car would be the R8. It is the slowest car ever built. It has 5,000 unique parts and they make at less than 25 a day.

How the car works

This paragraph is about why does it seem that the person on the other lane is going faster than you.  According to  So then the car is going faster then you.” "Differential surveillance can occur because drivers look forwards rather than backwards, so vehicles that are overtaken become invisible very quickly, whereas vehicles that overtake the index driver remain conspicuous for much longer."

       This paragraph is about the most expensive car. According to “Which is not to say that the super-rich can't blow $1 million on a rare collectible car or have their choice of the world's fastest, most lavish production automobiles. Many of them do. All such vehicles are easily within their means--the same way a 3 Series BMW is easily within reach of perhaps a million Americans. But just as you wouldn't go spending new-vacation-home money on a car--lest you want to find yourself divorced faster than your new speedster can hit 100 mph--Bill Gates has better, smarter things to do with his billions than developing his very own car.”

       This paragraph is about the cheapest car. According to And to my knowledge, “that there is a car that is only $2,500!!! WOW! That is one cheap car! Now the car is named the "Smart Car." this car can hold up to 2 people.” When I went to a car lot I saw a lot of them but they were all on hold. So that means they are really starting to be popular. But the down side is that if you ever got in a car crash it would be deadly!

       This paragraph is about the funest car to drive. According to “Of course its fun to drive! One time I drove my dads car and it was kind of hard but once you start to get a hang of it its gets really easy and you want to drive it more!! I can’t wait till I can drive.” the funest car to drive would be a convertible. Because you feel free. The wind is blowing through your hair and your face. It’s a good feeling!



The history of the car

This paragraph is about who invented the car. According to www.wikipedia.comThere are a few debated answers to this question, but it is probably most widely accepted that the inventor of the first automobile was Karl Benz, a German engineer and designer. On January 29, 1886 he filed a patent for the first car. (The name "Benz" resides today in the popular and high quality automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz). The car that he invented he dubbed the "Motorwagen", and is said to have been the first, four-stroke, gasoline powered commercial automobile.

Cool stuff about the Car.

       This paragraph is about speakers in your car. Did you know you could get a speaker in your car? Well if you go to “Radio Shack,” they could install it in your car!! Wouldn’t that be cool to pull a prank on someone on the street by yelling and scaring them with your speaker? I think it would!

       This paragraph is about 4 Wheel drive. Did you know that you could put your car in 4 Wheel drive? Well do you know what 4 Wheel drive is? Well let me tell you. 4 Wheel drive is where all the wheels are pushing the car. If it is icy and snowy, you can put your car in 4 Wheel drive and you can go on steep hills without slipping down. If you don’t have 4 Wheel drive then you can’t go up steep hills or you really can’t go down hills without slipping down really fast and like killing your self.


       This paragraph is about how to stay safe.

Now I’m going to talk about how to say safe in a car.

       #1. You need to always wear a seatbelt! If your mom or dad or who ever is driving tell them to put the seatbelt on. There is a chance they can die if you get in a serious car wreck.

       #2. Do not text someone while your driving.

       #3. Go the speed limit.

Now if you follow these rules you will be safe.













April 28, 2008

There are 580 million passengers world wide. There are one car per eleven people as of 2002.



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April 29, 2008

cars in the next lane really do go faster. You are actually going slower than the person next to you.



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