By Carlos


You need a new phone. But you want the coolest phone on the market. But you donÕt know witch one is the coolest one. Let me tell you the GOOGLE PHONE. ThereÕs one problem it hasnÕt come out yet. I will tell you why the google phone is the coolest phone in the world in my report.

What the google phone is.

This paragraph is about the google phone have a nickname. According to google. The google phones nickname is Gphone . (http://www.google-phone.com/) DonÕt you think that is so cool Gphone. Its just like iPhone but cooler. Its really catchy just think your watching T.V. Then you see a guy he tells you go buy a Gphone. WouldnÕt  you want to get one. 

This paragraph is about the developers of the google phone. According to Google the developer of the google phone will be Android. (http://www.google-phone.com) Some people say LG is going to develop the google phone. But its not true Google is the one that is making the google phone. So I think they know where the google phone is being developed. 

How the google phone Works.


       Will the google phone have bluetooth.  According to Google the google phone will have bluetooth and a lot more things the iPone doesnÕt. (http://www.google-phone.com/) How cool is that bluetooth. A phone with bluetooth that is so handy. Bluetooth is so cool it can save you lots of time.

       This paragraph about where is the google phone being developed. According to Google The company is conducting much of the development work at a facility in Boston. (http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/new-facts/google-phone-prototypes-software-project-costing-hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars-285516.php) How cools that Boston home of the Celtics. Boston is the best city in the world. Witch is another cool thing about the google phone.  


I enjoyed writing the report. I hope enjoyed reading it. Do you want a google phone. Because I do. The google phone is so cool.


















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