By: blub munkey

The blackness of space

Some people wonder why is space called space. Why because there is so much space. There are billions of galaxies and there is still loads of space even our galaxy still has lots of space to fit maybe another galaxy. Why is space called black is because its black. When its nighttime all you can see is black a little dots in the sky called galaxies. In a city like New York all you can see is blackness. Because there are to many lights that itÕs hard to see any stars. If you where at Africa where there arenÕt many lights there you can see billions of dots. All of the looked crammed together but each galaxy still has lots of space to fit more. And there is some that is still getting created into galaxies.

There are some that are getting blown up by black holes (Black and there are some getting blown up by super novas. (Super 



Is space dangerous or safe? 

It is both but you have to have danger for it to be safe. Why? Well when a galaxy is blown up there is space for anther galaxy. Before are galaxy was here there where more galleys living here before we did. Then they got sucked up by black holes or getting or blown up by super novas if it went for that we might be crashing into other planets or might be having wars with enemies more smatter than us and we would be losing the war so be thankful for danger our we wouldnÕt be safe.       

Meteors and comets

Metros and comets are the same and different. Why well theyÕre the same because comets are cold balls of ice and dirt. And metros are cold balls of ice and dirt.  Well there is one big difference. Metros are dormant floating clumps that barley moves. And they are so far from any universe to get caught in the orbit around a sun. But metros are fast and they are always caught in a orbit of our sun there are so many metros caught in are orbit that sometimes you see a shooting star. Metros are the most likely ones that fall on are earth because so many metros are caught in are sun orbit that it crates a metro belt that surrounds are universe

The moon

 we even have a big metro orbiting earth and thatÕs metro is called the moon. Yes the moon is a metro that was once caught in earth orbit millions of years ago. But soon the moon will not be in earths orbit again every year the moon inches its way out of earths orbit soon it will be goon our caught in anther planets orbit it maybe be caught in the metro belt.        

( 8 The sun 8 )

!!!!!! ItÕs a hot burning machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one and only thing alive and keeping us alive and that is huge than anther planet in are galaxy in is the sun. The main source of life is the sun. With out it how would we fell warm and not freeze to death. The sun is like a huge energy bar giving all the energy we need to live. ItÕs like a huge campfire warming us so we wont freeze in a cold forest. With out the sun here are the things that wouldnÕt live: you, people plants, houses, planets, and





Every thing would be dead and exc.   


if our sun turned into a super nova it would have to be _ times the mass of our sun






Our sun

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April 30, 2008

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