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Do you have a Nintendo DS? Is it a DS lite? Well, if you have a DS that isnÕt a lite, you should consider the lite. A lite has better screens, a better battery, and some more stuff that IÕll tell you about in my report. In my report IÕll tell you about history, what the differences are between the lite and the chunky, and what it is.


       Nintendo was invented by a group of people that work for Nintendo. On a web site I found, it said the group of people was: Satoru Iwata: President & CEO

Reggie Fils-Aime: President & COO of NOA

Shigeru Miyamoto: Game Designer

Gunpei Yokoi: Creator Game Boy, Game & Watch, and Metroid

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Hiroshi Yamauchi: Former President & Chairman

Minoru Arakawa & Howard Lincoln: Former heads of NOA; Satoru Shibata. (

The chunky was invented in 2000, and the Nintendo DS lite was invented about a year ago.

       What are the two top selling games for the DS lite? The #1 game is Nintendogs, selling 18.67 million. The #2 best selling game is the New Super Mario Bros. with 14.16 million.


       When was the first lite launched in N. America? The Nintendo DS Lite was released on June 11, 2006, for US$129.99 in the United States.

WhatÕs The Difference?

 LotÕs of people wonder, whatÕs the difference between the DS and the DS lite? Well, there is lotÕs of differences. With all the differences, youÕd agree that the lite is better. LetÕs go over some of the differences.


Screens. Are the screens on the lite better than the ones on the chunky? (chunky is the original) You bet theyÕre better! The lite has several lighting settings. The chunky only has one, and itÕs not very good. A paragraph I read about Lites by wikipedia says, ŌBrighter, more durable top and bottom LCD screens, with four levels of brightness. Designed to be more resistant to shock.Ķ ( ThatÕs something that the chunky doesnÕt have.            


         How long the battery life for a Lite? The same article by wikipedia says, ŌExtended battery life compared to the DS. With a full three-hour charge the battery will last fifteen to nineteen hours on the lowest brightness setting and five to eight hours on the highest brightness setting (both are dependent on the type of game activity).[6] After 500 charges, battery life can be expected to drop.[6] The DS was supplied with a 850mAh battery, while the DS Lite has a 1000mAh battery.Ķ ( said that but less complicated. ŌThe battery life of the chunky was supplied with a 850mAh battery, but the DS lite has a 1000mAh battery.Ķ Easier to under stand, same thing.  


       LetÕs go over one more difference. Wikipedia told me that a Lite has a larger stylus, making it easier to hold. The stylus is now also side-loaded and located next to the power switch, making it easier to reach when needed.


       Those are only a few of the differences. The screen is definitely the a lot better. It has different brightness settings. The battery life a chunky isnÕt as good as a LiteÕs. In the chunky, the stylus is smaller and located in the back. Lite styluses are conveniently located to the side and they're larger, giving you a better grip.



What It Is

              Ever since I first got my DS lite, people have asked me what it is. Well, IÕll tell you. A DS lite is a hand held video game device. Let me tell you some more about it with a few paragraphs.


              LotÕs of people ask me, ŌWhat does DS stand for?Ķ Others ask, ŌDS actually stands for something?Ķ Well, if you didnÕt know, now you do. Yes, DS stands for something, but what? DS stands for Duel Screen. The name fits it. It has a touch screen on the bottom, and another screen on the top. That one isnÕt a touch screen.


              If you are a first time DS lite buyer, you want to know what colors they come in. Well, in North America, you can find a several different colors. That website that I keep referring to says, ŌIn North America, the Nintendo DS Lite was only available in white (renamed "Polar White" for the region) at launch.[12] On August 24, 2006, Nintendo of America aĪnnounced two new model colors, Onyx (Jet Black) and Coral Pink (Noble Pink). They were released in North America on September 12, 2006.[13] On August 21, 2007, a Crimson/Onyx DS Lite was released in a bundle with Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day!.[14] Nintendo confirmed this bundle after it was listed by Canadian retail outlet Future Shop. The listing was picked up and featured on many major online gaming websites such as IGN.[15] As of October 2, 2007, the Crimson/Onyx DS Lite is available for purchase individually.[16] The Crimson/Onyx DS Lite was supposedly discontinued only a few months after its release in January 2008.[17][18] On February 2, 2008, Nintendo of America announced that the Cobalt/Black DS Lite will be released on February 10, 2008[19] in North America.[2Ķ ( So the main colors you can buy are Pink, White, Black, and Black and Red.


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              The DS lite has a built in ŌprogramĶ called picto chat. ItÕs like texting but on a DS. To picto chat, you donÕt need a game card to do it. Like I said, itÕs built in! when you picto chat you can have as many people as you want, but they all have to be in the same chat room. There are four chat rooms, A, B, C, and D. ThereÕs a signal thing that says, ŌSomeoneÕs in this room.Ķ (not really, but youÕll know) Now, this is a big question people ask a lot, How far away can I picto chat with someone? A web site I read, itÕs not the same one, said, Ōto communicate with someone else, they have to be less than 10 meters, or around 35 feet away. Yes, you need to be that close.Ķ ( So you need to be within 35 feet of someone, and in the same chat room.      





DS lites are great. I love mine. After reading my report, wouldnÕt you agree that they are a lot better than the chunky? Thank you for reading my report. The DS lite is awesome!














April 30, 2008


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April 29, 2008

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