The Exoskeleton

By: Iron Man


       So you probably know about fighter jets, missiles, guns, bombs, and a lot more than just that.  But my report is actually not on any of these things my report is on the exoskeleton.  So this report will cover the basics or at least some of the basics.  So read my report to learn some info on the exoskeleton or at least finish reading this sentence.  Go finish the report now.

What is it?

Who is inventing it for the military?  Well according to wikipedia, the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and other organizations have researched exoskeletons for combat for decades. (  So DARPA is inventing it for the military.  Well they didnŐt say that their name was DARPA but I just decided to shorten it.   So now that you know that DARPA invented it or is inventing it.  So doesnŐt it sound like fun to read that article?  If it does then finish reading my report then go to and search for the powered exoskeleton.

       Why is it so special you are probably thinking?  Well I also got this info from my friends magazine, well the exoskeleton is really cool because it can make you run twice your normal speed, reflect bullets, heal you, you can lift 5 tons, and it makes it so you can fly.

       How much money is DARPA investing in the powered exoskeleton?  According to Kevin Bonser, DARPA is investing $50 million to develop an exoskeleton suit for ground troops. ( They are investing $50 million dollars for the powered exoskeleton.  I thought that $1,000 was a lot but $50 million dollars. (Wow) That is enough for me to be a house, car, and college education, pay more a mission, and a lot more things.  But it is also pretty smart that they are investing in something for the whole country.  I would to after I go to college and go on a mission then I would invest that much money.  I would wait because I am way to young to even understand what they would be talking about.

       Does it have anything cool on it?  Well yes it does.  According to Kevin Bonser, these exoskeleton machines would also be equipped with sensors and Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers.  ( Well as it says above the exoskeleton has a GPS in side the suit.  But something it doesn't say is that you can hook your gun onto the suit.

       What is the exoskeleton like?  Well according to Kevin Bonser, the future force warrior will turn a soldier into an F-16 on legs. ( So what they are saying as it says right up there the exoskeleton is like a F-16 on legs.  That is amazing to be a F-16 on legs.

       Is the suit comfortable?  Well according to Kevin Bonser, the exoskeleton will have to be made out of composite materials that are strong, lightweight and flexible. The material must also be capable of protecting itself and its wearer from enemy fire. ( So as it says above the exoskeleton is very comfortable and is lightweight.  I forgot to tell you but the exoskeletonŐs fabric is also very, very strong.

How will it work?

       What powers the suit you wonder?  Well according to wikipedia, an internal combustion engine, batteries or, potentially, fuel cells, can power them. ( So basically many different things can power the suit.  You might find other things that can power the suit but this is just what I found on wikipedia.

       How does the exoskeleton feel while you are inside it?  According to Kevin Bonser, Think of yourself on steroids, holding as much weight as you want for as long as you want, said Atkinson. "It will also allow a 90 pound male or female to carry a 250 pound male or female off of the battlefield and it wouldn't feel like they were carrying 250 pounds worth of person." ( So what they are saying is that it kind of feels like you are on steroids.  Or think of your self as a person who has super powers so you can fly, lift thousands of pounds, and much, much more.

       Is the exoskeleton hard to control?  According to Kevin Bonser, in the shoulder of the Future Force Warrior uniform is a fabric filled with nanomachines that mimic the action of human muscles, flexing open and shut when stimulated by an electrical pulse. These nanomachines will create lift the way muscles do and augment overall lifting ability by 25 to 35 percent. ( The exos keleton is actually just like the human body.  What I mean by that is it has joints and moves like the human body. The exoskeleton also has these things in the suit called "nanomachines" which allow the person controlling the suit to use the nanomachines as muscles.

       How long must the suit be powered with out having to recharge for the military?  According to Kevin Bonser, The exoskeleton must have enough power to run for at least 24 hours before refueling. Power must also be generated by a pack that can be worn by a person. Creating a machine that makes zero noise could be the most difficult task facing exoskeleton developers. Some type of engine will power the suit, so how will they prevent that engine from making noise? ( Well that was thrilling.  So now I have answered the question at the beginning.  So please read on with the other paragraphs.

       When will the exoskeleton be released to the military?  According to a magazine that my friend has it says, "Well the exoskeleton suit will be released to the military in 2020."  But that isnŐt true for the whole world.  In Japan they are already using the powered exoskeleton.


Hey thanks again for reading this report for me.  So I have probably answered a lot of your questions you were wondering.  But if all of your questions are answered then go to google and type in powered exoskeleton.  Thanks once again for reading my report.




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