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       When you are at the store, have you ever wondered how the barcode scanner works? Or how the laser comes out of a laser pointer. All these things are lasers and in this report you will find out how they work, starting with what it is, how it works and we will conclude with history.

What is it

Lasers are amplified light. LASER stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. According to Mary Bellis High-voltage electricity causes the quartz flash tube to emit an intense burst of light, exciting some of the atoms in the ruby crystal to higher energy levels. At a specific energy level, some atoms emit particles of light called photons. At first the photons are emitted in all directions. Photons from one atom stimulate emission of photons from other atoms and the light intensity is rapidly amplified. Mirrors at each end reflect the photons back and forth, continuing this process of stimulated emission and amplification. The photons leave through the partially silvered mirror at one end. This is laser light.(inventors.about.com)

What color lasers are there? Lasers can shoot up to 500 yards. The different kinds of lasers are orange, green, red, yellow, and purple.

What is the strongest type of laser that the common man can use?   The strongest type of laser is The Torch. The Guinness Book of World Records is reviewing the Torch as we speak! The Torch is powerful enough to burn paper, fry an egg or roast a marshmallow, and melt plastic!!! The Torch is from the company Wicked Lasers.

What color laser is the strongest (besides the torch)

         The strongest type of laser besides the torch is the orange laser. There was a diagram of a green a red and an orange laser all shooting in the same place. The orange one was the only one that was able to get to the wall on the other side.

How many mirrors are in the laser

         The Laser has two different mirrors inside the laser. One is ninety-five percent reflective and one is one hundred percent reflective.

How it Works

       How strong are lasers Some lasers are so strong they can cut through almost anything. Some lasers are strong enough to cut through steel and bones.








       The price of a laser pointer used to be about 5 to 30 dollars. But prices have soared since then and now the average price for a good laser is about 100 to 2000 dollars!



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