By Marketo


1.  Have you ever had a MRI if you have you know it is a body scanner? Well if you havenÕt my recherchˇ will help you learn more about it and what it dose.


This paragraph is about what MRI stands for.  According to Wikipedia, it stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( IÕm sure glad we donÕt have to call it Magnetic Resonance Imaging every time we talk about it.  I think saying MRI is much easier.  

When is it used?

It is used when you are hurt or mostly if you get a skull fracker or brain cancer that is when it is most used or any otter part off your body my brother had one last summer and it was on a skull fraktcher and for his liver he told me it makes weird sounds like grails

My brothe had one and it too k1 hour  for it to be down and his first image was in 5 mints andyou coukd see his barin and skul he had a skoul fratcher

History of MRI

                              The fist Mir was July 3 1977 according to doctor David barter it took 5 hours to get 1 image it was down in Germany they got reeds in 1984.


On big problems there was a kid and he was getting a MRI and he had BeebeÕs in his pocket and he was in the mention and the bebes got out of his pocket and nod went into his hart and kid him after that they make yous were sertin clue so they new you have less chases dieing





Review main ideas. Follow up on atten0tion-getter.