The lost secrets of the Stun Gun and TASER

By: The Special Ice Cream Sandwich


Do you like Action movies?  Have you seen movies like ŇStar TrekÓ, or ŇStar WarsÓ?  If you have, then you have seen a Stun Gun, or a TASER.  Remember how they could use those gun things to stun people?  Well, those were stun guns.   


What they are

Who wants to know the difference between Stun Guns and TASERS?  According to Jack Krohn, Stun guns have an effectiveness rating of approximately 86%. Some people who are very aggressive or on drugs can avoid the effect of a stun gun. A TASER has an effectiveness rating of 100%. In pre-release tests of 4000 subjects not one person has a higher incapacitation rate than a 9 mm handgun that was able to overcome the effects of a taser. TASERS can penetrate 2" of clothing. ( So, if you were able to own one, which would YOU choose?  TASER, right?

What in the world does TASER stand for?  According to, TASER stands for Tom A. SwiftŐs Electric Rifle.  I wondered where that, um, shall we say, interesting name came from.

What is the minimum age to own a Stun Gun or TASER?  Do you want to own a stun gun or a TASER?  Well sorry you little young ones younger than 18, you canŐt.  According to, Please be aware that you must be a minimum of 18 years of age, and not a convicted felon to carry and own these products. ( Well, there are some who cannot be trustedÉ.



How it Works


       What happens when you are shot with a stun gun or TASER?  Yes, it is VERY painful!  According to Tom Harris, A painful jolt will startle the attacker if the gun is used for 1/2 a second. If you zap him for one or two seconds, he should experience muscle spasms and become dazed. And if you zap him for more than three seconds, he will become unbalanced and disoriented and may lose muscle control. ( DoesnŐt that sound painful? 

       Can a TASER kill?  Yes, sadly.  According to, While they are not technically considered lethal, some authorities and non-governmental organizations question both the degree of safety presented by the weapon and the ethical implications of using a weapon that some, such as sections of Amnesty International, allege is inhumane. As a consequence, Amnesty International Canada and other civil liberties organizations have argued that a moratorium should be placed on TASER use until research can determine a way for them to be safely used. Amnesty International has documented over 245 deaths that occurred after the use of TASERS.  ( They donŐt use even close to the amount of electricity that is needed to kill.  That is really sad, isnŐt it? Luckily, Stun guns canŐt kill.  Now it makes you want to obey the law even more now, doesnŐt it?



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