Marvelous MRI

By: Kitty Queen


       Have you ever had a MRI scan? If you haven’t, I’m here to tell you about it. MRI is a specialized piece of equipment. First, we will talk about what an MRI is. Then, I’ll tell you what MRI is made up of.  To finish, we’ll talk about some odds and ends. To know more…

What is an MRI?

       What is an MRI? You might start with that. Well, an MRI is a lot of things. First of all, MRI stands for Magnetic Reasonance Imaging. According to worldbookonline,  “Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technique used in medicine and research for producing images of tissues inside the body.” Basically, MRI is used for finding problems in the body without using surgery. It gives very detailed pictures of the inside of the body. Some of them are a little too detailed for my liking. “MRI is an important diagnostic tool because it enables physicians to identify abnormal tissue without opening the body through surgery.” ( Another quote of what MRI is from the same website. Different people have different ideas of what MRI is. Here’s another one from worldbook, “MRI is used to view the structures of the head and spine and to detect tumors and other abnormalities in the chest, abdomen, joints, and other parts of the body.” They all get down to the same thing, though. MRI is a technology used to find problems in the body through pictures.

What Is It Made Up Of?

       What is an MRI made up of? Actually, it is mostly made up of one or more large magnets. Also, according to, “During the MRI scan, a magnetic field is applied to the person's body.” So it’s got a magnetic field, too. That is apparently for taking pictures.

Who invented it?

       Who invented MRI? Well, according to, Raymond Vahan Damadian invented the MRI to “scan the human body.”  It’s kind of an odd name.

When was it Invented?

       When was MRI scan invented? Well, according to, it was invented in 1973.  So that’s why it’s such a modern piece of technology!

Other Questions…

       Who supervises the machine? Well according to, “An MRI examination or scan is supervised by a radiologist—a physician trained in using images for medical diagnosis.” A radiologist supervises the MRI exam, which is a specially trained person.

       Does the scan expose patients to radiation? “MRI does not expose the patient to radiation, unlike tests that use X rays.” ( So, it does not expose patients.


Well, I hope you learned some things about this machine called MRI. And if you are going to have an MRI scan, don’t be scared. They didn’t invent this Magnetic Resonance Imaging for nothing.  THE END






MRI (Magnetic reasonance imaging)

April 18, 2008

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When was the MRI scan invented?

May 22, 2208

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