We would wike wo wii



         Why don’t penguins’ feet freeze?  We have had weird questions like this, one of mine was how does the wii work. Well how does it, how many remotes can be hooked up at once, and how many wiis are made a month? You can find out by reading my report!

Facts and Features

How many friends can play on one wii?   According to Marshall Brian “Speaking of attaching stuff -- thanks to Bluetooth technology, the Wii will be able to handle up to four remotes at once. And don't

Worry that it will get cramped with four folks hovering near the console. That's not necessary. Thanks to the Sensor Bar, as long as a remote is within a 30-foot range of the Wii console, there should be no problem with the wireless signal.”(http://electronics.howstuff

works.com/wii2.htm).  The wii can take on 4 controllers at a time, but who would want to be crammed in front of a wii with 4 other people?  The wii sensor bar that (thankfully) has a range of 30 feet.



The wii is a really cool piece of hardware everyone should have one.  The wii is a “new” piece of “cutting edge” tech that most households have.  The wii is a pretty hefty piece of hardware.  The wii usually costs about 400$