Pepper spray

By: Curly locks


        Help that man is getting away with my daughter what should I do.  I cant shoot him because I will go to jail for it.  Wait I know what is should do I need to use my handy pepper spray that way I can get my daughter with out hurting my self and doing something dangerous and I will not going to jail for it.  Yes it worked my daughter and I are safe all because of pepper spray thank goodness.  So in this report IÕm going to tell you how to keep your family and your self-safe with out killing someone.

What Pepper Spray is

       This paragraph is about what Pepper Spray is made out of.  According to Wikipedia, it is made of capsaicin which is a chemical derived from a fruit or plant, and it also includes chiliÕs. (  The things in side of pepper spray are the things that make it work.  Because with out the chiliÕs and capsaicin the pepper spray would not work and so of course you need the chiliÕs to make it hot and sting and the capsaicin helps it work.

       This paragraph is about what gases pepper spray has in it.  Well according to Wikipedia it has tear gas in it so when you get sprayed with it tears will come down you face. (

So you see with the tear gas In side of it.  It will make the stranger have tears and that will also make the strangers eyes close because he will have so much tears in side of the strangers eyeÕs that he will not be able to open them and the tear gas also causes pain.

       This paragraph is about another type of pepper spray. And where is it used and also what is its name.  Well according to Wikipedia there is one called PAVA and they use it in the country England. ( So you see there is other types of pepper spray like PAVA so if you ever go to England get some

       This paragraph is about how many people in the U.S have pepper spray.  Well according toÉ They have helped over 25,000 people in the U.S in the past six years (É).  So you should go buy one and make it 25,001 and you could always think I was one of those 25,001 costumers.

How pepper spray works.

        This paragraph is about how you get ride of the pain if you get sprayed with pepper spray.  Well according to Franklin m. at pioneer.uen.orgÉ you do not just put water on it and expect it to go away. That does not work.  You have to us shampoo or dish soap for it to go away.  So if you ever get sprayed with pepper spray remember to use shampoo or dish soap not water.

       My second paragraph is about the things that you can put pepper spray in side of.  Well according to Wikipedia they said that you can put pepper spray inside of a paint ball gun and use it. So if you buy a pepper spray and you donÕt have anything to put it in side of.  Just pore some in the paint ball gun and you will be ready to fire when someone is coming at you.

       In this paragraph is about some objects with pepper spray inside of them that you can carry around and no one will ever expect pepper spray in side of these things.  Well according to wikipedia they sell all sorts of things like pens, lipsticks, rings, and they also sell little guns like pink ones and red ones for little kids.  So if you ever need a pepper spray that is easy to carry and not too much money.  Then just go buy one of these things.

       This paragraph is about the pepper spray rings.  Well according to wikipedia you can buy a ring and you can wear it were ever you want and not get in trouble for it and they are actually pretty cute and they look exactly like a normal ring no one think it was a pepper spray ring.  So if you need something that you can wear and is easy to wear and kind of cute.

       My last paragraph is about what pepper spray will do to you if you get sprayed with it.  Well first of all when someone gets sprayed with pepper spray it instantly does three things first their eyes shut and it causes blindness.  Second they will start coughing and they will fall to their knees and makes it hard to breath.  Third burning will came in your nose, eyes, and mouth.  So pepper spray is a great way to protect your self.

Problems with It

Topic Sentence.

In this paragraph IÕm going to talk about the places were pepper spray is illegal.  Well according to wikipedia it is illegal to have it in Denmark, Belgium, and about 3 other countryÕs it is considered a weapon so you have to be licensed to have it in those three countries.

My second paragraph is going to answer the question can you die from it.  Well according to wikipedia if you have asthma you can die from it but you have to get sprayed by it a lot of times to die and if you drugs you can die to.  So never do drugs and if you have asthma be careful around pepper spray.

       My last paragraph is going to answer the question how many people die a year from using pepper spray.  Well according to wikipedia the cops have sprayed about 61 people with pepper spray because they were doing drugs.  So never do drugs and you sill not die.


Well thanks for reading and I hope that after reading this report you will want to go out and get your self a bottle of pepper spray to keep you and you family safe.









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