Space shuttle

By:} Savannah Hales


Have you ever seen a space shuttle? Well hereÕs my chance to tell you about it. in the 1900Õs a space shuttle blew up in space and seven people died in it.  Your probably thinking the space shuttle would float in space and not blow up but this happened in January so it probably blew up because the cold. I hope you enjoy this article about the space shuttle.

What it can do

  This paragraph about what the space shuttle can do. Did You know in a space shuttle you can eat, the food floats in the air and you can catch it in you mouth, also a space shuttle can go 15,000 miles a minute or sometimes a second space shuttles can do many things they are very cool too.

This paragraph is about how big the space shuttle is.  According to WikiAnswers, a space shuttle can weigh about 4.5 million pounds on earth and the space shuttle is also 100,000,000 feet tall IÕm not sure how wide it is but anyways IÕve learned a lot of things about the space shuttle.


       This paragraph is about something very sad. According to WikiAnswers, the Columbia space shuttle was the space shuttle that broke apart a few min before landing.  I think if a family member was in the space shuttle I would be very very very sad it goes on but if it wasenÕt a family member it would still really really sad.  (


Space shuttles are a very cool rocket that are good at taking you to space. I even think a space shuttle a can do more than just other rockets and space shuttles are very handy. And donÕt worry if your wanting to be a astronaut I doute a space shuttle will blow up with you just try to go in the spring, summer, or fall and donÕt worry IÕm not trying to scare you at all. Well I have to stop this report because I got nothing else to say so IÕm sobbing I will miss yal IÕm sorry sniff sniff bye.










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this whole paragraph is mostly about the space shuttle Calumbia when it broke apart