DVD or CDs? That’s the Question!

By A Very Cool Person


       Did you know that the inventor of the DVD was a zebra? Did you know that CDs would blow up if you leave them in the sun for to long?  Just kidding! I wish DVDs were that interesting… But wait- they are!  This report is about everything DVD. Including what it is, how it works, and the history.  It also has extras like Flexplay and Blu-ray.

What it is

       What are some of the most popular models of DVD players?  According to Gayle Allema, “Here are several popular DVD player models:
Panasonic DVD-LV65 Portable DVD Player, Panasonic DMR-E50
DVD Recorder/Player, Sony SLV-D300P DVD/VCR, Philips DVDR80
DVD Recorder/Player, Toshiba SD-2900 Standard DVD Player, and Panasonic DVD-CP67 Multi-disc DVD Player.  Here are some pictures:):


 Aren’t they cool?

       This paragraph is about how much storage space a DVD can have.  According to Alexandre Balkanski (dvdcreations.com) a digital video disc (DVD) can hold about 17 billion bytes of data! (dvdcreations.com) I think its neat that DVDs have that much storage space!  That way you can hold lots of fun memories!


       You’re probably wondering, when was DVD introduced? According to Stephanie Watson, “In 1997, a new technology emerged that brought digital sound and video into homes all over the world. It was called DVD, and it revolutionized the movie industry.”  (howstuffworks.com) I think its really cool that DVD was able to come out as early as 1997.  Plus, that’s the year that I was born so it’s already cool.

       Why did people stop buying video?    

         According to howstuffworks, “It wasn't really that long ago that VHS tapes dominated the home video market, but now, DVDs have all but wiped them out completely. Going from tape to disc gave the home theater experience a major upgrade, and ushered in an era of feature-packed special edition home video.”  (howstuffworks.com).  I think its cool that we now have DVD which has way better pictures, images, and sound.  But I think some of us are going to miss video!

How it Works

       How is video stored on DVD?  According to howstuffworks, “When movies are put onto DVDs, they are encoded in MPEG-2 format and then stored on the disc. This compression format is a widely accepted international standard. Your DVD player contains an MPEG-2 decoder, which can uncompress this data as quickly as you can watch it.”  (howstuffworks.com) I think its really cool that you can store stuff on something so small like a DVD!  DVDs are a really neat topic!!!

       So, can DVD or CD hold more?  Howstuffworks says, “DVDs can store more data than CDs for a few reasons:

Higher-density data storage

Less overhead, more area

Multi-layer storage”  (howstuffworks.com) It kind of figures that DVD can hold more because DVDs hold movies and they take up much more gig than music takes up on CDs, therefore DVDs need more space.


Flexplay DVD

       This paragraph is about something VERY obvious: The inventor of Flexplay. J  What company invented Flexplay?  According to howstuffworks, “A company called Flexplay Technologies has introduced a new type of DVD that sells at rental prices but never needs to be returned.”  (howstuffworks.com) Yeah, I know, you already knew that Flexplay DVD was invented by, well, Flexplay. =)

       How does this Flexplay work anyway?  Its magic!!! No. But I wish.  Howstuffworks says, “A Flexplay® DVD takes care of the "rental period" itself -- it hits a chemical stopwatch when you open the package, and when your time is up (in 48 hours, say), the disc stops working.”    (Howstuffworks)  I think it’s really cool that now people who forget or don’t have time to turn their movies in can just wait for a time that’s convenient.


       When was blu-ray invented?  According to howstuffworks, Blu-ray was introduced in 2006.  I think blu-ray is really cool.  Even though it’s much more expensive, howstuffworks says: they can hold pictures, high definition digital and audio, and other digital content.


I hope you liked my report…and remember zebras only eat grass.






Stephanie Watson

how Blu-ray Discs Work

May 5, 2008

this article has advertisements but LOTS of information!  It's all about Blu-ray discs and stuff.










by Gayle A. Alleman





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