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       Do you think you could eat candy and cake and play soccer all at the same time?  Well you canŐt.  Do you think listening to music and e-mail at the same time sounds impossible! Well can -- not with the iPhone! If you want to know the history and how it works than read this report.



 According to Gymnastics lover  (Me) Steve Jobs invented the iPhone (personal conversation) He is probably rich!!!

         Did the first iPhone test go good?

 According to cat lover. the first iPhone actually burst into flames (Personal conversation) Man if I was Steve jobbs I would be sad!

       Who tried the first iPhone?

  According to an expert Declon Mcullagh has the first iPhone. (Personal conversation) If I was Declan Mcullagh I would be proud.


       When did the iPhone come out?

According to Gymnastics lover. (personal Conversation) From its announcement in January to its release in June, Apple's iPhone has been a constant source of conversation, speculation, and writing. So, by the time June 29 – the iPhoneŐs release date – came, the expectations were practically crushing.


       Without him

According to wikipedia without Martin Cooper the iPhone couldnŐt have happened. Martin cooper also called Ňthe father of all cell phones.Ó He is the CEO and founder of Array Commia Company that works on the smart antenna technology and improving wireless networks, and was the corporate director of Research and Development for Motorola.

 How it works

Can anyone use them?

According to fourms.ilounge.com you have to have to have AT&T to use the iphone (fourms.ilounge.com) I couldnŐt use them because I have verizon wireless.


How much money is the iPhone?

According to Sam Costello the U.S.A iPhone costs $399(about.com) WOW that is alot of money!!!












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