Police robots

By Jellybean


         Have you ever dreamt about having a robot do all your homework and chores? Have you ever just wanted a robot for a friend? Have you ever wondered what kind of robots are there? Or, dreamt that a super hero will come to your rescue, and be your bodyguard? In this report, you will learn about Police robots. You are probably wondering, ÒWhat is a Police robot?Ó Well, in this report, you will learn how they work, the history of the robot, what it is, how they can save your life, how they can be a friend, how they can help you do your work, and new kinds of robots.

What is it?

What is a police robot? A Police Robot does exactly what a Police does. It helps them out with work, and even can become friends! The Police Robot can also disarm bombs, which also makes it much easier for the Police to work. The only difference between a Police and a Police robot is a Police robot is a robot. And can do many more dangerous stunts than a Police can. According to Jonathan Strickland, the robots make it easier to work. They make it easier to find the bad people where they live, and by asking questions to family of the bad people. The Police robot is just a Police on wheels. (www.Howstuffworks.com/Police robots)

WhatÕs the difference?

There isnÕt much of a difference between robots and police robots. Except that police robots help the police and have technology that the regular robots donÕt have! According to Jonathan Strickland, the robots arm is exactly like the humans arm.  (Howstuffworks.com)

What do they look like?  They look like ordinary robots. They either have armor or just a bunch of wires that has arms, eyes, and wheels. According to Wikipedia, there are some robots that look almost like humans. They have a body shield that makes them look like a guy in armor. (Wikipedia.com)

Are there small robots? Of course there are small robots. How do you think they got inside small holes that they couldnÕt fit into? Before the police robot was invented, it was very hard to get into small holes; they would have to make the hole bigger. According to Google, with small police robots, they can get into small holes without making the hole bigger and causing cave inns. The smallest robot can be as big as your toilet hole. (Google.com/police robots)





       What do the police use them for? You will find this answer almost anywhere. The police use these robots to disarm dangerous objects like bombs. They also use them for guards. They use them to communicate with villains. They can also track down dangerous people, or just people. They can also talk with people at the station. They use them for almost anything. If there is something heavy that they need to pick up, they will use the robots. They also use them for flashlights, or use them for tasks in the middle of the night! The Police use the Robots to do really dangerous tasks. They use them to get a mad man out of a house. They use them to arrest people. They also use them to help them fix anything that is not working. Like if their computer wasnÕt working, they would have the Police Robot help them fix it and recharge anything that needs to be recharged. They use them to help them to find people that are lost. They use them to guard. They would use them to patrol the streets. I heard that one time, a ladyÕs husband was going insane, and she couldnÕt live with him anymore, so the robot had to guard the man and the lady. By guarding the lady, it had to make sure that the man didnÕt go near the lady, and the man, to make him stay out of trouble till they got him in jail, or somewhere else. They use them  for many different things. Also, if someone is hurting someone, and they are screaming for help, and the Police donÕt hear her, or someone hasnÕt called 911 yet, the Robot will sometimes be out patrolling the streets, so then it hears the cry for help, then the Robot will get help, then they will go to the rescue! Police robots are used for many different things!

Who invented the first police robot?  Not just 1 person invented the first police robot. A bunch of Russian scientists invented it!

       What country were they made in?

All of the police robots that were made were made in Russia. One of the scientists to help make it was Richard Spencer. But whatÕs weird is that most of the scientists were Chinese, or Japanese. Not very many were from Russia.

         What was the first robots name? According to Jonathan Strickland, the first robots name was R BOT 001.It's a weird name, but it's a robots name. The Internet never said why they named it this, but IÕm just guessing that thatÕs a popular name for a robot! (Howstuffworks.com)



How does it work?

       Does the robots have eyes? Of course robots have eyes. The Police robots do at least. The robots usually have 8-10 eyes. They need that many because they need to see all around them! They use these eyes to see behind them, beside them, and in front of them!

       Do the Police robots have night vision?  Yes, they do have night vision. They use these to see in the night. They also have laser vision. They use this to see through stuff. They also have a real laser that allows them to shoot lasers.

       What does the monitor system do?  According to The robots have a monitor that allows them to see in the dark, communicate with people, and allows the police to control what they do. It also lets the police take a break while the robot works. The robot has a thing that allows it to work without being controlled. (Howstuffwork.com)

How small is the smallest police robot? There is a very small robot that can fit down the hole of you toilet. They have very small robots. They need small robots; and if they didnÕt have any small robots, they wouldÉwell, they wouldnÕt be able to do their job right, or do it at all!

How do Police robots work? Robots don't work forever. They have a battery that makes them work. Yes the battery can last for many hours, sometimes days, (mostly the batteries last a couple years, it all depends on how powerful and big the battery is). According to Jonathan Strickland, the battery gives it most of its power (besides electricity). The battery is called an acid battery. (Howstuffworks.com)

Do Police robots talk? The police robots can kind of talk; they don't speak very good English. They can speak many different languages, almost every language. They make is sure that the Police robots can talk to that if the police need to talk to a person, but are busy, they make is so the robots can talk to the people?

What was the first robots main task? According to Jonathan Strickland, R BOT 001's main task to do was search the road for foes, and criminals using its five cameras. (Howstuffworks.com)


New kinds

Hey, thereÕs a new Police robot in town, and itÕs called the Armed Robot! Did you know that there are more police robots than just the police robot? They have a robot called the Armed Robot. They are almost exactly like the Police robot! They do the same things; they disarm bombs, they even sometimes work together that is too big of a job to do alone!

       WhatÕs the difference? There are a couple differences between the police robot and the armed robot. According to Blog.wired,

The police robot has a gun that they can carry around with their hand. The armed robot has a gun built in with them, so it makes it easier for them to work. (Blog.wired.com/Police robots)

       WhatÕs there in common? The police robots and the armed robots donÕt have much in common, but they both work for the police. And according to Blog.wired, they both do dangerous tasks; they both have wheels to move around with, eyes, and laser and night vision.  (Blog.wired.com)

       What does it do? The armed robot does almost exactly what the police robot does, but it does more dangerous tasks than the armed robot. The armed robots are called the armed robot because they have more armor than the regular police robots do!

       Where were they made?

The Police Robots were made in Russia; the armed robots were made in Russia, or Massachusetts.

Interesting facts

Can the Police robot save your life? Yes. Yes it can. The Police robot has saved many lives. No, they do not fly in like Superman, but they have saved many Police lives, people lives, animal lives, and even those that have done crimes. Before the Police robot, Police put themselves in serious danger. With the Police robot around now, they prevent the Police to disarm the bombs and get killed if it explodes, or get stabbed by a criminal, or getting shot at, and getting in a serious car crash in a car chase. The Police robots now disarm the bombs, talk to the scary people, go into the dark alleys, and do all the other really dangerous stuff. The Police robots do all this dangerous stuff so that the Police wonÕt have to risk their lives trying to do something dangerous.  The Police robot can really come in handy! THIS IS MY CHANGE.

       Can the Police robot be your friend? Actually, Yes. The Police have made many friends with the robots. Now they donÕt play, or take each other to the movies, but they do grow a relationship. 

       Can the Police robots do your work? Well, they can in a certain way. They donÕt clean the polices room, or do their school homework, but they do, do a kind of homework. They do dangerous tasks for them, they help them with work. The kind of work they do is talk to people, do paperwork, dangerous tasks. And a lot more work!


It isnÕt very likely that you will see a Police robot every time you see a Police, because they have a special place that the Robot stay, so that they wonÕt get kidnapped. If you are in trouble, the Police robot is just what you need if you are in trouble. Sure they wonÕt come in like Super Man, or come wearing a cape, or armor of gold, or even look like a night. But, as a said, the Police robot is the thing you need when you are in trouble. THIS IS MY OTHER CHANGE.












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