By Ruth


So, youÕre at this party.  Like everyone, you want to be popular—you know, the hit of the party.  After eating, the host decides to play ŅMillion Dollar Question!Ó  At the end of the game, it is tied: 62 to 62.  The last question is yours, the million-dollar tie-breaker question, and the question is, ŅWhat does HMMWV mean?Ó  Your heart begins to race because YOU know the answer—or do you?  If you want to be popular, you better read my report and learn what HMMWV is.  Not only will you be popular, but smart also, because you will learn the history of Hummers,  some varieties, and I will blow you away with HMMWV, H3T, and H1 facts.


       When was the first Hummer produced?  According to Wikipedia, the first Hummer (Humvee) was produced in 1984.  That was followed by the H1 in 1992.  Next came the H2 in 2003.  After that, the H3 was produced in 2005.  Although it may not be produced, the concept for the HX was revealed on January 8, 2008.  The H3T will be produced in 2009 (  So, Hummers have been produced since 1984 (24 years).  Who knows how long theyÕll be produced?

       When did the Hummer go international?  According to Wikipedia, in 2006 Hummer has gone international with selected importers and distributors in Europe and other markets (  So, Ōselected importersÕ had Hummer go international in 2006.

       Who built the Hummer?  According to Wikipedia, Hummers were first built by AM General Corporation.  The name 'Hummer' was sold to General Motors in 1998 (  AM General Corporation was the first company to build the Hummer.  General Motors wanted to copy, so the name was sold in 1998.  AM General Corporation still produces Hummers.


       How many different Hummers are there?  According to Wikipedia, there are five kinds.  Humvee, H1, H2, H3, and HX (  There are probably more kinds, but those are the basics.  More will be produced in years to come.

       How many different colors are there?  According to, the Hummer comes in black (black), birch white (white), gray stone metallic (gray), slate blue metallic (gray-blue), solar flare metallic (red), all-terrain blue (dark blue), boulder gray metallic (gray), midnight blue metallic (really dark blue), victory red (red), graphite metallic (black), carbon flash metallic (black), and Sonoma red metallic (red) ( I donÕt even think I covered every color they come in.

HMMWV, H3T, and H1

What is the HMMWV?  According to Wikipedia, the HMMWV is the abbreviation for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. The HMMWV was first used in the army.  Also, the HMMWV was designed primarily for personnel and light cargo transport behind front lines.  The HMMWV is also called Humvee.  The Humvee is 15 ft. long, 6 ft. high, and 7 ft. wide (  Quite an amazing off-road vehicle, donÕt you agree?

       Why arenÕt there many H1Õs around?  According to Wikipedia, the Hummer H1 was first produced in 1992, but in 2006 the production was discontinued (  I think that the H1 was the best Hummer, but it isnÕt produced any more.  My opinion on how that happened is that someone important said that it wasnÕt a good Hummer and that it shouldnÕt be produced any more.  ThatÕs just my opinion.

       What is the H3T?  According to Wikipedia, the H3T will be a pickup truck (  It will be the first Hummer pickup truck, and there may be more pick-ups if this one does well.  It will be produced in 2009.


So, now that you know the history of Hummers, some varieties, and some stuff about HMMWV, H3T, and H1.  Now, youÕre the hit of the party, very popular.  ArenÕt you glad you read my report?














April 29, 2008

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April 29, 2008

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