The Wii

By Mustard


       DO YOU know what a wii is? This report shows you what a wii is, the popular stuff for it, and how it works.

Main Idea

This report is about the wii! I will show you a lot of stuff about the wii! This is the newest gaming system.

What is a wii?

The wii is the newest thing in gaming! The wii is great because it links up with the Internet. According to YOU can cast international votes. I think itÕs great that you can cast your opinions to everyone that has their wii hooked up to it. And according to the wii was called the revolution.

What is popular for the wii?

This paragraph is about what is popular for the wii. According to one of the most wanted games for the wii is Cooking Mama. Cooking Mama lets you actually cook. YOU can use rolling pins and spatulas. And according to that site SSX blur is the easiest game to play. All you have to do is move your player with the nunchuck and flick the wiimote (wii remote) to do tricks. The author was Joe Ribiki. That game sounds easy right?

P.S. Did you know that the wii is so popular that it stays on a shelf for one hour before some one takes it!

How does a wii work?

This paragraph is about how the wii works. According to the wii has a new engine that allows it to start faster than other game systems. But at a cost, the wiiÕs graphics are not as good as other systems such as The PS 3,2, and1 or the game cube. On the other hand the wii is so great that graphics donÕt matter.

WhatÕs new for the wii?

         This paragraph is about whatÕs new for the wii. According to you can get a download that lets you play DVDs on the wii. How cool would that be if you play DVDs on your wii! It can be a game system and a media player.

Guess how much a wii costs.

This paragraph is about how much a wii costs. The wii was huge at Christmas! But now you can buy a wii for 249$! ThatÕs pretty good for a game system that can do almost everything. I found this at wii shop live.

How many wiis have been sold

This paragraph is about how many wiis have been sold. Well the wii is so great that within the first twelve hours 50,000 were sold! That is out of this world!


       So as you can see, the wii is one of the greatest games on earth! Whether you want a media player or a fast starting system the wii is the thing YOU, need!


Psssssssssss donÕt you say this is the best report because I gave you a lot of websites. You have never ever seen a report like this huh?











April 28, 2008

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April 30, 2008

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