By Ashcream


       Have you ever tried to run under water? ItŐs fun, but itŐs hard. Why?  The reason itŐs so hard to run under water is because the water slows you down. ThatŐs the same with a boat.  How do you solve this?  Get a hovercraft.  Then, instead of wasting all that energy in the water, you can cruise at 40 mph with ease.   Also, you donŐt need all that noise from the water, if you have a hovercraft.  In this report, you will learn what it is, the history, and how it works.

What it is

What is the factory called? According to wikepedia the universal hovercraft invented the hovercraft, but a lot of other people that work at the universal hovercraft company actually get the credit, (www.wikepedia.com)

       What colors do they come in? While I was looking at a lot of pictures of hovercrafts I discovered that Hovercrafts come in all main colors including pink, yellow, green, gold, silver, red, ect.

       How much do they cost? Hovercrafts cost over $800,000



What year did they come up with hovercraft? On may thirtieth the very first hovercraft was launched according to Mary bellis on www.inventors.about.com  


This paragraph is about who invented the hovercraft. Well according to Mary bellis on inventors.com Christopher Crockell and many others invented the hovercraft in 1956 to make that possible.



How it works

What things can you do with the hovercraft? According to wikepedia can go over smooth surfaces, jump over logs, stay still, ect.

What is the hovercraft designed to do? According to wikepedia designed to travel over any sufficiently smooth surface supported by a cushion of slowly moving, high-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface close below it.

How do you control the lift off? you pull back on the control stick according to wikepedia and also did you know that the only way to learn how to drive it is to hop in and start to drive.


For how much hovercrafts cost I think the went a little over board but I also think it would be way fun to have and to use for getting across the ocean faster because they do go faster than a real boat or maybe it could be for just having fun. Remember that idea about floating on the water, well I think that that is how it would really feel like, like floating on water.











April 28, 2008

Wikipedia, as you know, covers a lot of information.  For example, this one tells the history, design, and even some records set by hovercrafts.




St. Antoine, Arthur

Riding on air.

April 29, 2008

this article is about features of the hovercraft




Mary Bellis


April 30, 2008

this article simply states that the hovercraft was invented by Christopher Crockell in 1956.