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       Hello my report is on the exoskeleton. I will talk about how it works, and what it is.

What an Exoskeleton is

Have you ever wondered if you could lift 2,000 lbs? According to Kevin Bonser, you might want an exoskeleton. In an exoskeleton you could do anything you want including reflect bullets. And you could eject from it at any time. (HowStuffWorks.com) They can also fly. If a solider is wounded you can carry there 1 ton suit. You will feel like you are wearing a 10 lbs suit.

What it is Powered exoskeletons are designed to assist and protect the wearer. They may be designed for example to assist and protect soldiers and construction workers, or to aid the survival of people in other dangerous environments. A wide medical market exists in the future for providing mobility assistance for aged and infirm people. Other possibilities include rescue work, such as in collapsed buildings, in which the device might allow a rescue worker to lift heavy debris, while simultaneously protecting him from falling rubble. (wikipedia.org)

So what there saying is that they will protect people from dangerous things that could hurt us or even kill us. So if you were walking on the side-walk by a construction site and a heavy object came and crushed you then you might die but in the future all citizens will have one.

How will it work?

This paragraph is about how it works.  According to Kevin Bonser, “Basically, an exoskeleton is a wearable machine that gives human enhanced abilities. The potential of non-military applications is also phenomenal. The military said that the testing of this new technology is at least 10 years away. It will be much longer before soldiers are testing these body amplification systems for battle.”  (HowStuffWorks.com) I think the exoskeleton will help a lot in battle and will help a lot. If they would do this then a lot more people will live and not die in battle.

 DARPA will not be the first to attempt to build an exoskeleton mechanical body suit.” According to Kevin Bonsor “As mentioned previously, GE developed the Hardiman hydraulic and electrical body suit in the 1960s. The problem with that suit is that it was so big and heavy (1,500 pounds) that it wasn't practical. Today, there are more advanced materials, such as carbon fiber and other mechanisms available that can be used to build a more streamlined exoskeleton. However, the project is not without its challenges.”  Said http://science.howstuffworks.com/exoskeleton2.htm

This paraghraph about how it will work.


According to Kevin bonsor, these exoskeletal systems are expected to give soldiers amplified strength and speed, and will also have built-in computers to aid soldiers in navigating foreign territories. Questions still remain about how these machines will be powered and how they will respond to human motion. In this edition of How Stuff WILL Work, we will take a look at how humans will wear these machines and the challenges that researchers must overcome to make them practical for use on the battlefield and for commercial applications. (H


Military exoskeletons will be some of the most sophisticated machinery ever developed and could also lead to developments in making robots more like humans. Exoskeletons must be able to sense human motion and react to it. They will also need the ability to convert power from an energy source into useable, actuation power to aid its human wearer. The challenges that lay ahead of developers are great, and we will likely see many new devices and innovations developed to make these exoskeletons work. (Howstuffworks.com)




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April 28, 2008

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