My Security Camera Report

By: A person


Hey, IÕve learned a lot about security cameras, and if you want to learn some more info then keep reading my report.


How did we get the security camera? The security camera was invented by a German man named Walter Brunch. It was invented in Paris,France. It was used to watch a rocket launch, then it later became the security camera. We started using them in 1965.

How it works

        What can you do with a security camera? I read an article about a girl who used a security camera on her apartment window. She put it two stories higher than her apartment so it would be pointed directly at her apartment door.

       You can put a security camera just outside your house and watch people do stuff that there not supposed to do right there in your living room, and on your T.V. (Just for fun.)

       Where can you put a security camera?You can put a security camera in a lot of things like: pillows, tissue boxes, house phones, pencil sharpeners, clocks, fans, lights, smoke detectors, trees, lamps, and lots of other stuff.


       How can security cameras see in the dark? Well if you were wondering then keep reading. Security cameras can see in the dark because some of them have night vision.

About it

Do robots use Security Cameras? Have you ever wondered if the police robot could use a security camera? Well if you were then, yes. The police robot can use security cameras, and they can make them go up, down, and side-to-side. Did you know that 11% of homes use security cameras? (Including baby monitors.) If you were wondering the security camera is not easy to install. It has to be done by a professional. Plus there will be wires through out your house and you will have to drill holes in the walls.




Well I hope you enjoyed my report about the security camera!






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