Look, It’s the space shuttle

By dumb dumb


Hey, do you like space travel and space shuttles then don’t stop reading. This report will cover history, what it is, and size of space shuttles. So keep on reading.


         Who invented the space shuttle you ask? According to wikianswers,” Aaron Dosanjh and Gurasish Singh invented the first space shuttle and the Columbia in 1996” (wikianswers). That’s really cool.

What it is

       It has another name?!  According to wikipedia, “NASA has a space plane called a space shuttle, actually called a space transportation system (STS), that is now used by the United States' government for it's spaceflight missions.(wikipedia) I didn’t even know that it had another name.


       What, space shuttles have a diameter? According to wikipedia, “This shuttle is 8.7 m (28.5 ft)” (wikipedia). I didn’t even know that a space shuttle had a diameter.

       Wow, that is tall, that is a space shuttle. According to wikipedia, “This is how tall it is: 56.1 m (184 ft).(wikipedia) that is really tall.

       That is big. According to wikipedia, “the shuttle's mass is 2,029,203 kg (4,474,574 lb).” (wikipedia) That really is big.







Space Shuttle

May 5, 2008

this article is about the space shuttle. It is a great article because it is long and tells a lot about space shuttles. Even though it is longer than long.