Cell phone? Who needs old cell phones              when you got a Voyager!!

By cookeydoogie


       Do you have a cell phone? Do you need a new one? Well, if you need a new one think really hard about it. If your thinking of getting an iPhone well, your missing out on the Voyager!!! ItÕs so much better than an iPhone because, well it is an iPhone!! Ill tell you all about it, ok? You wont miss out! I promise!

What it is

       That Man, this stinks. I need to know whatÕs the difference between an iPhone and the new Voyager! What do I do? Calm down and Listen. According to http://blogs.org/electronics/2007/12/lg-voyager-cell.html if you're a Verizon customer and are hesitant to switch over to the AT&T service, there's good news. The wireless carrier now offers the LG Voyager, a cell phone that closely mimics the iPhone's touch-screen and other capabilities. (blogs.consumerreports.org) That is so cool!! Well, IÕve been doing my research too!! If you flip it thereÕs a keyboard for texting and other things!! That is AWESOME!!!


 COOL!!  Those are some awesome headset!! Tell me about it!  According to Katelyn Olowenski, the headset for Voyager is so cool.  You can talk on the phone and mess with your music at the same time (no hands!)  It is very light and has a microphone.  It sounds great and helps you organize your music (HowStuffWorks.com).  I think itÕs awesome that you can play music while talking on the phone.



         Man, I need to get on the Internet. Wait! My voyager! Well, according to howstuffworks.com Well, OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! If you can on the iPhone then, you can on the VOYAGER!!!!! As you know the voyager is a better iPhone. So if the iPhone can go on the Internet, then you can on the VOYAGER(howstuffworks.com)!!!!IsnÕt that the BEST news EVER!!! You donÕt have to be at home to be on the Internet!!!



How it works

       Man, do you need a cover? I sure do! The one I got was AWSOME!!! IÕll tell you all about it! Well, according to etsy.com, this cover is only for the voyager, it has a protective soft felt (no wonder they call it a protective case!). It is a secured in the case with a Velcro flap to keep it in(etsy.com). ThereÕs even a clear window on the front!!!!! You can even have a comic strip case!!!! ThatÕs the best case EVER in the hole entire WORLD!!!


       Do you think the Voyager can play music? Well, according to etsy.com, if any cell phone can play music than the voyager can too!! But it's a lot better than your average music. It can play songs and tones and sound effects!! It's AWSOME!!! Well, you can also buy songs of iTunes (that is a fact)(etsy.com) !! ItÕs just like an iPhone but, BETTER!!!


No time sorry!!


















Olewinski, Katelyn

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