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Has your house ever been broken into?  You lay awake for nights afterward, afraid that it will happen again.  What can you do?  Will you ever be safe?  Well, there is an answer to your problems!  In this report, you can learn about Home Security, itÕs history and some other cool facts about it, something that could take away those sleepless nights and solve all of those frightening problems.


       Have you ever wondered who invented the first Home Security System?  According to James Gregory, Edwin Holmes invented the Home Security System (ezinearticles.com).  I think that we are really lucky that he existed, because otherwise we might not have very good home security.

       This paragraph will tell you when the Home Security System was invented and installed.  According to James Gregory, the Home Security System was invented and installed in 1852(www.ezinearticles.com).  I was pretty amazed that it was invented so long ago. Wow!  IsnÕt that really interesting?  It would have been really cool to live in that time!

       HereÕs amazing info about where the Home Security System was invented.  According to James Gregory, it was invented in Boston, Massachusetts (ezinearticles.com).  I think that it is really cool that it was invented in Boston because that is where America started to want freedom and that is where a very big step in safety was taken.

       Want to know when Home Security Systems started to improve?  According to James Gregory, they started to improve a century after they were created (ezinearticles.com).  IÕm glad that they actually improved, otherwise it would be really easy to break into homes with the technology that we have now. We are really lucky that they are improving more even now so we can be safer.

       Guess what people thought about the Home Security System!  According to James Gregory, people liked the idea (ezinearticles.com).  I am certainly glad that people liked the idea of Home Security.  If they didnÕt, they probably would have destroyed anything to do with it.  Then we wouldnÕt have Home Security, and we could be murdered in our beds!  I donÕt believe that would be good.

       HereÕs some awesome information about when the video Home Security System was patented.  According to Mary Bellis, the first Video Home Security System was patented on December 2, 1969 to Marie Brown (about.com).  It was a system that had cameras that showed the owner what was going on in the house.  For example, if there were a burglar, the cameras would show them.

About It

       LetÕs find out what the average is of how often a house is broken into in the U.S.  According to Chris E. Mcgoey, a house is broken into about every 15.4 seconds in the U.S. (crimedoctor.com).  When I learned that, I about passed out.  That is SO scary!  Now I know how important it is to have Home Security.  If we didnÕt, the break-ins could happen even more frequently.

       This is an amazing paragraph about what months have the most break-ins.  According to Chris E. Mcgoey, July and August have the most break-ins (crimedoctor.com).  I wasnÕt really surprised at that information, because they are the summer months when most people are on vacation.  Also, I think that it is probably because people like to relax during the summer instead of worrying about things like break-ins.

       Hey, you! This paragraph is about the month that has the least amount of break-ins. According to Chris E. Mcgoey, February has the least break-ins (crimedoctor.com).  I can also understand why February has the least break-ins, because it is so cold. It has lots of snow and can leave footprints, so that is another reason why it has the least amount of break-ins.

       This paragraph is kind of sad because it tells about how many people are caught that break into homes. According to Chris E. Mcgoey, there are only about 13% of the people that break into homes that are actually caught. (Crimedoctor.com).  I think that it is really sad that so few people are caught when they commit such horrible crimes.



Well, I hope that you agree with me that Home Security is AWESOME!  I also hope that you learned lots of interesting facts in ÒHistoryÓ and ÒAbout It.Ó  Home Security is a really interesting subject to learn about.  If you are not satisfied with the information that you have read in this report, you can look up more information using the Internet, a book or an expert.  Have fun!





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