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This report is about MRI. I hope you will like it. Even though it is a very short report it hopefully is a good one. It will talk about what an MRI is and the history of it and how it works. I hope it is interesting and you enjoy it and you learn something totally new! The MRI is so interesting and maybe you will agree with me after reading this report!

What it is

         What can an MRI do I will tell you! According to L.R., it lets you see broken tissue inside the body (personal conversation).  I think this is so interesting because you can see if there is broken tissue with out having surgery! I mean I would rather have an MRI than have sugary! Wouldn’t you?


       Hey ever wonder what MRI stands for? Do you know what MRI stands for? I do. I went to and read an article called Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Now do you know what MRI stands for? That’s right it stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging! I mean, I didn’t even know what that meant until I started my report!



Not a big deal, it is a big deal this is when the MRI was done one a human for the first time! According to Todd Gould ( “On July 3, 1977, an event took place that would forever alter the landscape of modern medicine. Outside the medical research community, this event made scarcely a ripple at first. This event was the first MRI exam ever performed on a human being.” So really all the people thought it was no big deal at all, but it was!


How it works

Guess what this paragraph is about… how long the first MRI took! This is so interesting! According to Todd Gould, “It took almost five hours to produce one image. The images were, by today's standards, quite ugly. Dr. Raymond Damadian, a physician and scientist, along with colleagues Dr. Larry Minkoff and Dr. Michael Goldsmith, labored tirelessly for seven long years to reach this point. They named their original machine "Indomitable" to capture the spirit of their struggle to do what many said could not be done.” So the answer is quite clear… 5 hours!


         So… how was it? I thought it was great! So I hope you leaned something new and fun! Now whenever you think of MRI or have an MRI I hope you think of me and this report! And now here are some fun cartoons and famous people on the subject, MRI! (And some of the famous people I am not quite sure who they areJ!)













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May 1, 2008

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This has a ton of stuff.  It talks about scanning, Safety, Magnet, etc.