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The exoskeleton can do many things to help you. It can even help with farming and gardening and other stuff.



This paragraph is about why exoskeletons were invented. According to Kevin Bonsor, the reason we need exoskeletons is because we need to be able to carry stuff (like on a job), and it will help us be faster.  If you are at war, and if you are slow and weak, you will get shot.  So, exoskeletons will help soldiers ran faster, carry more stuff, and jump over stuff. (HowStuffWorks.com).  I think it is really cool and awesome that they are making that and I think you should think it is awesome too.

How it works

       This paragraph is about chargeable batteries. It has a chargeable battery that lasts a long time. It has metal joints that make you move. It can let you lift a large number in weight.


       This paragraph is about how much they cost. This paragraph is about how much they cost.  The exoskeleton is $50 million to make. The exoskeleton parts are a lot to make. It is a lot to buy too.

What it is

       This paragraph is about what it is. The exoskeleton is a technology that the military has made for soldiers to use. It is lots of metal.

This paragraph is about what it can do. It is a cool thing to have around the house. It will help you with lifting heavy stuff. It is the coolest piece of technology ever. It is a lot of metal and plastic.

What it looks like

It looks like the halo suit on halo 1-2-3. If you havenÕt seen halo then it looks like a suit of metal and plastic.

According to yer momÕs grandma, it comes in many different colors. It comes in many different sizes too. It has a lot of designs and cool graphics. (yer momÕs grandma, Inc. :)  I think the exoskeleton is really cool and you should too.


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How Exoskeletons Will Work

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May 8, 2008

Brief Summary:

This has 5 chapters about morphing man and machine, development, and the future.










Powered exoskeleton

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May 22, 2008

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Trust me.  It's good.