! AMAZING Voyager !

By:The devils dogs monkey


Do you know what the Lg voyager is? No it is not a space shuttle it is a CELL PHONE THAT IS AMAZING. Read on to find out why


When was the voyager made? According to infosinkworld “The Lg voyager and was very popular when it came out on December 5 in 07.” In other words it was made in December 5 2007 and it was very popular.

What it is

         How thick it is. According to infosinkworld “We don't have specific measurements, but upwards of 2.5-inches or more would be our best guess. The interface relies heavily on the touch screen, and includes plenty of icon-based menus and shortcuts to help navigate without having to open the clam.” I like the voyager but it is a little too thick at 2.5 inches.

What are the lg Voyagers applications. According to infosinkworld it’s just like the Venus, but you get a touch screen.  It has a cool music player. The V-Cast player’s not that great.  It comes with V-Cast Mobile TV, which is cool.  Watch out.  It has a thin antennae.  (Infosinkworld.com)  The Voyager has many applications including email, mobile T.V and more.

How it works

This paragraph is on the call quality. According to infosinkworld “Also, call quality was disappointing, and that's a downside we can't ignore. Finally, even with the haptic feedback, there wasn't one thing on this phone that wowed us or blew us away. But altogether, the whole package is worth a look. Release: November 2007. Price: $300.” Or it is only about $300.

This paragraph is about the camera. According to infosinkworld “Haptic feedback spoiled us for other touch phones. Good new touch interface. V Cast TV looks like real TV. Camera a nice surprise.” It has a nice camera


Well I hope you have learned a little bit about the lg voyag  er and hope you liked it and are thinking about it right about now.










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