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       The robber is getting away!  You need to stop him, but you donÕt want to kill him, what do you do?  If you kill him, you might go to jail.  If you donÕt stop him, heÕll get away with your brand new 60-inch High-Def TV.  What should you do?  You should use a taser!  If you donÕt know what a taser is IÕll teach you in this report.  I will also teach you who invented the taser and when, why itÕs called a taser, how a taser works and much, much more. 

How tasers work

       In this paragraph I will tell you how a taser functions.  According Tom Harris Ōthe batteries supply electricity to a circuit consisting of various electrical components. The circuitry includes multiple transformers, components that boost the voltage in the circuit, typically to between 20,000 and 150,000 volts, and reduce the amperage. It also includes an oscillator, a component that fluctuates current to produce a specific pulse pattern of electricity. This current charges a capacitor. The capacitor builds up a charge, and releases it to the electrodes, the "business end" of the circuitĶ. (How stuff works.com)  The batteries are very important to make the taser work, they make 150,000 volts and then it fires out of the end and that is how the taser works.  ItÕs a complicated process but it ends up being a good thing.

       In this paragraph I will tell you if a taser could kill you.  According to Zac Schultz, the taser could kill a pig by shocking the heart and the pig heart is very similar to the human heart so it is possible but it is less than a 1% chance. (nbc.15.com) So itÕs possible but itÕs very small.  I would rather be shot by a taser than by a real gun.

       In this paragraph I will tell you the main purpose of the taser.  According to Scribymac the taser is meant to stop the person breaking the law but not to seriously hurt them. One other reason tasers are good is what if the person your going after is insist and they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


       In this paragraph I will tell you when the taser went public.  According to news.bbc.uk the taser was introduced to the public in the year 2003.  DonÕt get confused this was when the taser went to the public not when it was first made.  It must be more dangerous now if anyone can buy a taser.

       In this paragraph I will tell you how many times the taser has been used since it was introduced.  According to (news.bbc.uk) the taser has been used 800 times since April 2003 to July 2007.  It sure has been used a lot of times in that short 4 years.  I hope none of them killed anyone.

       In this paragraph I will tell you when the taser was invented.  According to news.bbc.uk the taser was first developed the taser in 1969 but didn't put it in the market until 1974.  Wow that took awhile for him to finally get the taser to what it is today.  I wonder how many times he tried and then failed before he got the finished product.  This taser was still lethal.

       In this paragraph I will tell you who invented the taser.  According to Scribymac NASA researcher Jack Cover invented the taser.  He had one of the most important and one of the most intelligent inventions of all time.  He must have put a lot of time into make the taser.

       In this paragraph I will tell you were the name taser comes from.  According to en.wikipedia.org the taser is really called the Tomas A. Swift electrical rifle.  Also according to Scribymac when Jack Cover invented the taser he got the name taser because Tomas A. Swift was his childhood hero so he decided to name it after him.  That must have been quite an honor for Tomas A. Swift.

         In this paragraph I will tell you how many people actually invented the non-lethal taser.  According to wikipedia free dictionary Ōthe company was founded in 1991 (under the name Air Taser) by brothers Rick and Tom Smith. The Smiths were upset when two of Rick's former teammates in high school were murdered in a road rage incident in a resort parking lot in Scottsdale. In 1993, they began working with Jack Cover on a non-lethal weapon; eventually Cover first developed an early version of the Taser.Ķ  ItÕs good to see people working together to make a very important invention in history. (Wikipedia.org)



       In this paragraph I will tell you if cops use more tasers or real guns.  According to news.bbc.co.uk it says more cops use tasers.  It also says the ŌMetĶ training is training hundreds of more officers to use tasers.  I think thatÕs really cool that more cops are use tasers in their short time of being invented.

       In this paragraph I will tell you how many cops use them.  According to Scribymac 10,000 out of the 18,000 police agencies in the world use tasers.  ThatÕs cool that again even though the taser has only been invented for a few short years itÕs a very popular thing.

       In this paragraph I will tell you what a liquid taser is.  According to Tom Harris the gun is hooked up to a tank of highly conductive liquid, typically a mixture of water, salt and various other conductive elements. When you pull the trigger, electrical current travels from the gun, through the liquid stream, to the attacker.  So itÕs like a super strong and dangerous water gun.  That just shows how the taser has grown in the years.



       As you can see the taser is one of the most interesting and smartest inventions of all of history.  It has saved the lives of criminals all over the world.  Now you know a lot about the taser. I hope you enjoyed learning about the taser. 















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The batteries make up to 150,000 volts of electricity and fire out of the end.




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it says tasers kill pigs by shocking the heart and pig hearts are very similar to human hearts, so it's possible





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It has a lot of coo info.  It says the taser was intruded in 2003 and has been used in 800 incidents.