By:  Rodeo Queen


In space a crash happened a space shuttle broke apart did any live if you wont to know more read on you will also learn about what it is and how it wok and a little about the future.


This paragraph is about the Columbia space shuttle. (According to how stuff works. Com) The Columbia space shuttle was in space for 2 day they were on there way to return to earth when it broke apart a few min. before landing on earth. 7 people were killed which was all the people in the space shuttle (how stuff works.com) which happened to be all the people in there that happened a few years ago experts say they think it over heated which was why it broke apart.


The very first space shuttle to launch in to space was on nov.12 and came back to days later

What it is

(According to wikipedia, free encyclopedia) There is another name for the space shuttle. The other name for it is STS.

There has been dozens and dozens of space shuttle missions. (According to wikipedia, free encyclopedia)


So to tell a little bit more the space shuttle has been around for about 26 years. WOW IS THAT COOL OR WHAT!!!!

How it works

Did you know that the space shuttle can go 1400 meters per sec.

 wow that is way way faster then a car or a plane is that cool or ---what well I think it Is cool


The next space Shuttle flight will be called GLAST. The space shuttle will be launching a new satellite that is a gamma ray it is a large Area space Telescope.


Thank you for reading my report I hope that you enjoyed my space shuttle report so if you wont to know more you can go to space shuttle or if you wont more information about the Columbia space shuttle go to the Columbia space shuttle and find a intrusting thing about it have fun and learn more





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This whole website covers all the STS launches.




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This website has tons of space shuttle info.  It tells about the launch, orbit, life, positioning, etc.




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this talk about a lot of different things on it say what another name is for space shuttle