Police Robots

By Jorgen Zaro ZaroK

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Welcome to our wonderful world of technology. This report is going to be on the amazing police robots the future of law enforcement. You will learn what it does, how it works, and learn about specific robots.

How police robots work

         This paragraph is on how police robots move. Right now it is quite futuristic to have police robots that have legs. But in the present right now there are heavy weight robots that use wheels. The robots weigh about 500 to 800 pounds so wheels have to be very strong. There are some robots have a special system that can shut off some wheels to maneuver over tough terrain.


This paragraph is on how a police robot sees things. The police robots use cameras to see if it is an R.C. robot for like bomb squad the operator has to see some of the obstacles so the robots are built with cameras. The cameras are able to show the operator what the robots sees and the percent of failure is less likely.


This paragraph is on what can a police robot use things to handle situations? The police robot can use many attachments like a gun or a robotic hand. According to Jonathan Strickland at (www.howstuffworks.com) Like Robocop, some police robots are capable of handling weaponry. Remotec makes robots that can manipulate a variety of different weapons, from pepper spray to shot guns. Some of the accessories you can use to outfit your robot include: 


Gas dispenser, SL6 grenade launcher mount, Striker 12 shotgun mount, Cable-cutter assembly, Circular saw attachment, and a Boot banger assembly -- an explosive device that projects a powerful blast of water to penetrate the boot (trunk) of a car and eject any explosive material away from the vehicle.

[Source: Remotech. This proves that police robots are very advanced and that they can use many things in many situations.


This paragraph is on how tough a police robot is. The police robot is very tough. It is even able to survive a blast from a bomb. In the picture to the right it shows a police robot detonating a bomb in a car with it only being a few feet away. I think because it can survive a bomb blast it could most likely survive guns shooting at it.


What it does

This paragraph is on the uses of police robots. The uses of a police robot are. Patrolling streets, Defusing or manipulating dangerous objects such as bombs, talking to people in hostage or just dangerous situations. According to the New York Times at (www.howstuffworks.com) Malfunctioning robots are the stuff of sci-fi horror stories, but they're also a reality. In 1993, a bomb-disposal robot in San Francisco behaved erratically just before it attempted to grip a dangerous pipe bomb. The robot stopped responding to commands sent by a police officer at the control center, and it began spinning in place. Fortunately, the robot hadn't already picked up the bomb, or the situation might have turned into a tragedy. Proving that the police robot hasnÕt been perfected yet.

Police robots

This paragraph is on the R Bot 001. In the summer of 2007 The R Bot 001 joined the Perm, Russia police force. The R Bot was actually the first police robot on the Russian police force. According to Jonathan Strickland at (www.Howstuffworks.com) R Bot 001 looks like a 5-foot-9-inch upright bullet or rocket moving around on four tires and weighs 550 pounds. It has five cameras to see so it can patrol streets. It also has a special button that can call the police. But shortly after it was set on the street for its first patrol it started to rain. It short-circuited and was sent back for repairs.


This paragraph is on the police robot Andros Mark V. according to (http://www.cityofdearborn.org/news/newsarchive/apr06/policerobotphotocutlineapril2006.pdf) The Dearborn Police DepartmentÕs new high-tech multi- Purpose robot recently went into service. The Andros Mark V robot was made by Remotec, Inc. cost about $197,000, and was purchased with a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Andros Mark V is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to police robots.


This paragraph is on the police robot Andros F6-A. Andros F6-A is a police bomb robot. It costs $135,000. A policeman said that he would rather lose a $135,000 robot than a man on the force. The Andros F6-A is being used in Iraq. It can use a water canon and it could use a shotgun.


This paragraph is on the police robot The ANDROS. According to http://www.ucalgary.ca/news/may2008/police-robot-graduates ANDROS is fully operational. He can travel over rough terrain, climb stairs, and cross ditches. He is equipped with two cameras for remote viewing and an on-board manipulator for hazardous tasks like diffusing bombs. It is very cool to know that there are a ton of police robots out there in the world right now.



I hope you enjoyed my report. Now you know what it does, how it works and specific names of police robots. I hope you see a police robot at crispy cr¸mes in a few years.






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