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       Have you ever made a movie for school or something?  ItÕs really fun isnÕt it?  You think itÕs the best movie ever.  And because of Digital Vide¿ Editing, it can be even better.  In this report I will tell you the Digital Vide¿ history, how it works, and what it is.  I hope you enjoy this report. 


This paragraph is about when Digital Video was first advertised.  Digital video was first introduced commercially in 1986 with the Sony D-1 format, which recorded an uncompressed standard definition component video signal in digital form instead of the high-band analog forms that had been commonplace until then. (  Just from hearing that I wish I had Digital Video!

How it Works

This paragraph is about how to cut a scene from a movie. According to Marshal Brain, and Roxanne Reid, "Let's take the shot of the cougar from the previous section as an example (look at it here if you have a high-speed connection). It's a decent shot of a cougar lying on the ground for 30 seconds. In the middle of the shot the cougar yawns. Let's say that you would like to clip out the yawn and use it in your movie. To do this, take the following steps:" ( I think this is a very good example of cutting a scene from a movie.


This paragraph will tell you how you edit a video, the old way.  According to, The old way uses the analog I/O of your DV gear along with any analog editing gear you already have. Benefits: No extra expenditures, no fear of the unknown. Drawbacks: You will not be getting the full quality of DV, because you will be using some quality due to generation loss and possible transcoding.  IÕm glad we donÕt have to do it that way! Cause the new way is so much better!


This paragraph is about how the new Digital Video software edits the video.  According to, the new way uses the Firewire I/O present in many DV camcorders and DVCRs (notably SonyÕs), connected to new Firewire I/O boards that finally arrived on scene. You will edit DV and you will stay in DV end-to-end. Benefits: No generation loss, pristine quality. Drawbacks: None, except that you may have to buy a new board. Some of them are cheaper than MJPEG boards.  Wow! This way is pretty much perfect! It has absolutely no drawbacks! Now thatÕs pretty good.



I really hope you liked my report.  So next time, if you ever make a video, but you want to make it cool, you know what to do.  Thanks for reading!







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